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efficient management of BFSI leads

Manage leads efficiently

Exotel’s communication solution is designed for enterprises and has a track of all the leads that call your institution. Even missed calls!

Automate mundane activities

Feedback calls, EMI reminders via SMS and calls, document verification, etc. can all be automated to reduce manual efforts.

Automated reminder calls for bfsi
Dynamic caller for BFSI sector

Improve call pick up rates

Conversion is possible only if customers pick up the calls. With Exotel’s Dynamic Caller ID feature, you can improve call pick up rates by more than 20%

Protect customer data

Improve brand image by masking sensitive information such as the customer phone number to ensure privacy.

Number masking for banks
Operational cost optimization for bfsi

Reduce operational costs

Exotel’s Smart IVR helps automate static queries like account balance, new insurance plans, credit card limit, etc. thereby reducing the manual costs by 60%

Centralize customer communication

One toll-free number can be advertised for the entire country, and calls can be directed to the respective branches based on the location the customer is calling from.

Customer centralization for BFSI

Stock broking is not an easy business to run as it is, but when the environment changes like it has recently, it gets quite challenging. We needed to move to a distributed workforce instantly to continue to serve our customers and Exotel made it really easy to transition.

– Hanan Delvi, Chief of Client Relations

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We have engaged Exotel services for IVR Calls & SMS blasts over the last 5 years. Exotel services have been able to scale successfully to meet the demands of our fast growing FinTech business.
Neena Acharya
Director of Engineering, Capital Float

BFSI Works best with Cloud Telephony

Regulate agent-customer conversations

Using individual virtual numbers for relationship managers ensures that the customers can contact the institution even when the RM has left

Integrate customer data for smooth experience

Integrate Exotel with your banking CRM to personalize and provide a smooth customer experience

Authenticate users/transactions easily

Add an extra layer of security and verify users or their transactions over SMS, Voice and nOTP.

Exotel provides us with the flexibility to easily execute transactional communication for existing customers and marketing communication for potential customers.
Neena Acharya
Director of Engineering, Capital Float

The secret sauce to improve pickup rates

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    The Exotel Advantage


    Highly Secure

    ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system


    Patented Solutions

    Gain competitive advantage from patented products


    Superior Quality

    Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency


    Scale at Ease

    Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure


    Superior Reliability

    Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes


    Best Support

    18×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter


    How much does Exotel charge for its cloud call center software?

    Exotel's contact center software is charged as per usage. You can talk to our sales representatives to get more details about the pricing.


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    What is a cloud call center software ?

    It is a contact center software with all features like IVR, call recording, routing, etc. all on cloud, without the need of a EPABX. Existing telephony hardware such as cables, switchboards, desk phones are replaced by a software, maintained and operated virtually by a third party - hence the term 'cloud telephony'.


    Which companies should ideally use cloud contact center softwares?

    Any business, with a customer facing team, that wants to streamline customer communication should be using a cloud based contact center software.

    How is a hosted contact center software different from a traditional PBX or EPABX?

    Compared to a traditional PBX system, the cloud telephony system allows you pay for what you use. This means that there is no costly PBX maintenance or upgrade charges. Thus, you end-up saving time and manpower. All you need to get started with cloud telephony is a computer and internet connection.

    How reliable is Exotel's cloud call center software?

    Exotel provides uptimes of 99.95% including operator uptimes, coupled with 18×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter.

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