How Ixigo uses Automated Calls to reduce their support tickets from 80% to 25%

Case Study

How Ixigo uses Automated Calls to reduce their support tickets from 80% to 25%


About ixigo

ixigo is currently India’s leading platform to book flight and train tickets. They were founded in 2007 and have a user base of over 100 million travelers. You can use their platform to compare & book flights, trains, hotels & buses.

People love their platform because of two reasons, simplicity and the multitude of options they have to offer. ixigo’s vision is to empower every traveler with trustworthy & personalized travel recommendations.

Use case

In the cases of failed booking transactions on ixigo, customers would reach the support team to enquire about the refund process. The major challenge was to inform these customers about the refund process before they raise a support ticket. While ixigo was using SMS and Emails for the communication, it didn’t seem to be effective.


After hearing about Exotel, in one of the conferences, Himanshu, VP of Growth at ixigo came to us with the above challenges. ixigo wanted to reduce the number of people enquiring about the refund process with the support in cases of failed transactions. SMS and Emails didn’t seem to do the job for them. Hence, when they reached us, we recommended Automated Calls to proactively inform the customer about the refund process. 

It’s proven that calls have a higher engagement rate, five times than emails. After switching to Automated Calls for communication, they were able to reach the maximum number of users.


The number of people raising support tickets reduced from 80% to 25%. This increased the productivity of their support team and lowered costs considerably.

Another struggle for Ixigo was to find an effective communication channel for customer retention.


ixigo is also utilizing the power of calls for customer retention in cases of customer drop-offs on international flight bookings. An automated call is triggered to the customer with information like flight availability and fare after 5-6 hours in cases of drop-offs. After the implementation, they saw a substantial increase in the number of returning customers and it proved to be more effective than app notifications.

I personally loved the flexibility and user-friendliness of the platform. The easy integrations meant that I could do the setup myself without much technical help. Exotel has really played a key role in lowering our costs on customer support. Cloud Telephony is really beneficial in reaching those customers that you cannot reach through traditional channels.
Himanshu Periwal
VP of Growth, ixigo

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