Exotel helps enhance customer experience for Breathing Room

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Exotel helps Breathing Room enhance their customer experience

Breathing Room is a marketplace that connects people or companies in search of a workspace, to professional under-utilised workspaces. Using Breathing Room, professionals can find workspaces for anything ranging from training rooms to individual workspaces to even creative spaces.

Use case Breathing Room Uses:


In 2014, Kaushal Sanghvi came back to India. He left behind his cushy job with Amazon. He wanted to come back to India and set up an office for a non-profit. As he soon found out, setting up an office turned out to be a daunting task. In crowded cities, finding a clean, calm and affordable workspace turned out to be a big problem.

This led Kaushal to start Breathing Room with his partner Jacky Chow. The aim of Breathing Room was to give companies the workspaces they truly deserve to work in.

“We’re like OYO rooms for workspaces. We are a branded workplace provider for companies”

says Kaushal, Founder of Breathing Room. Every space booked via Breathing Room is equipped with excellent WiFi, projectors, air-cons, whiteboards and even your daily dose of coffee (Or tea if you’d prefer that).
Breathing Room is now available across multiple cities in India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune & Delhi.

The booking process

The booking process is fairly simple. Each time a client wants to book a workspace, all they have to do it go to the website and book it. Each booking is charged on an hourly basis.

“For instance, if you need a conference room in Mumbai at Bandra tomorrow for 3 hours, you can book it via Breathing Room and we’ll charge you on an hourly basis”

Improved customer call handling process

Once the booking is done, the client is connected directly to the manager of the facility they’ve booked at. This facility manager is their POC for any queries they may have.
Diverting calls to the facility managers via a virtual number using Exotel solved a lot of issues for Breathing Room. They also made the customer call handling process a lot smoother.

Diverting calls via a virtual number with IVR

Earlier, customers were given the facility manager’s number directly. So, Breathing Room had no way of knowing if customers tried to get in touch with these facility managers. So, in order to improve the call handling process, they gave their customers a single phone number they needed to call in case they had queries.

When customers called this number, they were greeted with an IVR and the calls were redirected to the facility manager based on their booking details.

“It helps that we have one number that customers remember. It makes it easy and makes us more approachable.”

Better tracking

In the odd case that a call went unanswered, Breathing Room got an alert and they were able to step in and help the customer. They passed on the details of the missed call to the manager who immediately called the customer back.

No customer call got missed

Since this process was automated, they were able to add not just the facility manager but also his entire team in the loop. In case the manager was unavailable to answer calls, the call was diverted to his team members who answered the customer’s questions.

““The most important thing for us was that our customer’s call doesn’t go unanswered. We really wanted to create a professional image and Exotel helped create that”,

Multiple simultaneous calls

The customers also no longer heard an engaged tone since they were not calling the facility manager’s mobile phone directly. With Exotel, managers could now make and receive calls simultaneously using the same virtual number.

“The fact that multiple conversations can happen at once amazes me. I can now get almost all calls answered”

Breathing Room customers VS other calls

When the customers call the facility manager directly on their mobile phones, a lot of time is lost in explaining the context. Since the facility managers now recognise the incoming number from Exotel, they instantly know it’s a Breathing Room customer.

“It’s a simple thing but a 5-second jumpstart goes a long way in ensuring great customer experience. Customers are now a lot happier since our managers pick up call with a Breathing Room greeting and immediately get down to answering their queries”

Breathing Room is happy to have customers who are taken care of!

“I love how professional and helpful Exotel is. If there’s anything I need, the customer support at Exotel helps me sail through. Moreover, it offers us the flexibility we require”

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