How Anarock Uses Exotel For Parallel Ringing and Support Centre

Case Study

How Exotel’s Parallel Ringing feature helps ANAROCK respond to clients in 30 seconds or lesser

Real Estate has been a conventional industry in the sense that they are not the typical candidate for technology adoption. However, times are changing and companies now understand the value proposition of leveraging technology in their business activities.

ANAROCK is a real estate company operating on a disruptive residential brokerage model that fully enables supply, demand and property discovery through a digital platform. Conceptualized by Anuj Puri— whose deep expertise in Indian and global real estate arena is well established— ANAROCK serves the needs of investors, developers, occupiers, financiers and the public sector.

Quicker response times

– Making sure the leads are contacted in 30 seconds or less
– Ensuring leads are not lost because the sales managers are busy

In a traditional real estate set up, a client is either in the queue or is sent a message that all agents are busy, when they reach out to express interest. In some cases, it takes many days to establish contact with the client again. It is possible that during this period, they might have considered other options and made a decision.

Everyone acknowledges that it is important to call a client within seconds of their contact. But, there is no technology in place to ensure that it is happening. We are headed towards creating a system where a sales manager contacts the leads that come in, in less than 30 seconds.
Rahul Yadav
VP- Product, ANAROCK


Parallel Ringing is the dark horse that every real estate company covets after. It checks all the right boxes for ANAROCK- providing excellent customer experience by connecting the client to a sales manager within the fixed time, and also not miss any leads.

How it is done

Parallel Ringing Scenario

1. A team of sales managers are pre assigned to a particular project and area
2. Customer calls on ANAROCK’s advertised phone number
3. The phone starts ringing for all the sales managers who are not on any other call, and keeps ringing till any of them answers it
4. A sales manager answers the call, and it stops ringing for everyone

Parallel Calling ensures that important calls are not missed, because even when one agent has stepped out or is away from the desk, the call gets answered nevertheless. It also means the customer doesn’t have to wait in the call queue endlessly- which we all can agree upon is the most irksome aspect of calling a support center.

On why Exotel emerged a clear winner:

We wanted a young company that can provide good support. When we were considering implementing Parallel Calling, Exotel was developing it already, and we are one of the first users of this feature.
Rahul Yadav
VP- Product, ANAROCK

ANAROCK has 650 sales managers across India, so Parallel Ringing feature becomes all the more important to them. It aligns with their business goal of a call being answered within 30 seconds. This also enables them to understand how many sales managers to hire in order to answer calls within this time.

ANAROCK is one of the first users of the Parallel Calling feature:

Most of our systems are tightly winded with Exotel APIs- we use them extensively. It’s been amazing. I cannot expect better support from any other company. I get a reply, irrespective of when I contact the support team. Exotel’s dashboard, applets and APIs are configured in such a way that it is easy for us to create and change call flows.
Rahul Yadav
VP- Product, ANAROCK

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