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Technology is a powerful tool and we believe it should empower social enterprises & non-profits. Phone calls and SMS are still the simplest ways to reach out to the masses.


And cloud telephony is the best tool to help you do that. No tech expertise, no large CAPEX, just build and pay as you go.


Who is Eligible?

Non-profit organization

NGOs working in the areas of education, child and women welfare, human resources, empowerment, or conversations.

For-profit social enterprises

Any social enterprise that would like to use calls or SMS for communication.

Ways in which you can use Exotel

Missed call to generate support

You can use a missed call to garner votes and supports for your campaigns. This is a simple, non-intrusive way to allow people to support your cause.

SMS for updates

You can use SMS to keep their volunteers & supporters informed about the status of their initiatives. SMS is also a relatively inexpensive way to pass on information.

Automated IVR to collect information

Automated IVR is a great tool to disseminate and collect information from large audiences in a short span of time. If you are short on hands, this helps work get done faster.

Support Center

People still look for a phone number to get in touch with an organization in case there is an issue. You can set this up for your organization using Exotel.

Measuring marketing ROI

With the limited marketing budgets that non-profits and NGOs have, measuring the performance of various avenues is important. Using a simple phone number, you can measure your organization’s marketing ROI.

Voicemail for communication

Voicemail is a useful tool to collect information in the absence of manpower. Some organization have made powerful use of this and you can too.

The lockdown is having a devastating effect on the mental health of our society and LifeLine Foundation’s free helpline aids the distressed callers to unburden themselves in a confidential environment. Exotel’s user-friendly platform made it easy to divert calls to the mobile phones of our trained volunteers. We thank Exotel for supporting LifeLine and giving back to society when we needed it the most.

Hiteshwar Singh
Trustee, Lifeline Foundation

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