Squadrun And Exotel

Case Study

Exotel Helped Squadrun Maintain User Privacy and Increase User Engagement

SquadRun helps businesses outsource operational work to a distributed mobile workforce. Tasks range from moderating reviews, tagging images, calling businesses to collect information, and testing out new products over SquadRun’s mobile app.


Squadrun is a crowdsourcing platform which connects various businesses with a mobile-first workforce. For example, if your business needs a simple task to be done, and it’s something that anyone can do with precision, you can put it on SquadRun and then its community will take care of it.

The success of Squadrun has been in the gamification of these tasks. The workforce that is registered on the app are called “Players.” They break down business tasks into small and easy chunks and rewards its players for completing the missions.

Squadrun works with various companies across verticals, especially, e-commerce giants, multinationals, survey agencies etc. They have a growing user base of more than 6000 players who complete about 800 missions every day.

Exotel allowed Squadrun to solve both the major challenges they were facing with SquadVoice. With Exotel’s number privacy solution, the players were able to make calls without compromising on their privacy.

“Due to the plug and play nature of Exotel, implementation took few hours and led to 20% reduction in time-to-market.”


Introduction to SquadVoice

With rapid adoption rates and growing player base, Apurv (CEO, SquadRun) and team started experimenting with different verticals. SquadRun introduced new genres of challenges to keep their players engaged.

One of the experiments led to SquadVoice. Their aim was to help businesses launch their outbound call based tasks in under minutes using SquadRun as call agents. Callers are heavily qualified and curated for live tasks based on their skills.

The challenge

1. Players had to use their own numbers to complete these call assignments thereby compromising on their privacy.
2. The calls needed to tracked and recorded for quality.
3. The businesses also needed real-time tracking of calls.


“When we rolled out SquadVoice, many players were apprehensive about making these calls from their own number. For the players, it was a valid concern of privacy invasion because completing the task meant exposing their numbers to strangers. This led to a drop in adoption rates and user engagement with SquadVoice in short time.”
Vikas Gulati
CTO, SquadRun


To tackle the drop in adoption rates and user engagement, SquadRun needed a powerful and flexible communication platform. A platform that would maintain user privacy and easily integrate with their app.

Once Squadrun implemented Exotel’s number masking solution on their app, the adoption rate climbed up 4X. That’s about 25% increase in user adoption.


Call recording helped in measuring players performance

Exotel helped SquadRun to solve another problem. To keep up with industry standards, SquadRun needed to track players running their SquadVoice campaign in real time.

“Exotel’s Call recording was just the feature we wanted. Analysing player’s conduct and quality was just a few clicks away. With the recordings, we could verify if the player abided by the guidelines and kept a check on quality as well.”


No more manual submission of data

Exotel also automated most of the manual work that players used to do before the implementation of click-to-call in SquadVoice.

Earlier, a player was supposed to manually submit proof of task completion. This included things like taking screenshots of calls and manual call recordings. Doing all these required users to install third-party apps for screenshots, call recording etc on their smartphones.

Exotel was a means to bypass all of these hindrances. Now a player could just click, call, complete the task and relax. All the calls are automatically recorded and information about the call is provided via the Exotel dashboard, making it easier for Squadrun to track each player’s progress.

“This allowed us to save 2-4 steps in monitoring a player”, Vikas added.

“Exotel’s customizability allows us to do a lot according to our comfort and we love it for that.”



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