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Expansion was a breeze with Exotel

Logisure is a startup that has set out to revolutionize the urban logistics space. They work on a collaborative marketplace model called UDAN (Urban Delivery Van network).

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Logisure is a startup that has set out to revolutionize the urban logistics space. They work on a collaborative marketplace model called UDAN (Urban Delivery Van network).


Since they started in 2014, Logisure’s focus has been on developing innovative last mile delivery and distribution models. Their aim has been to bring cost optimization to businesses, improve visibility and reduce vehicular traffic on the road while providing an on-demand service for goods delivery and distribution.


They are the only last mile logistics company to win the “The Commendable Emerging Initiative in Urban Freight Management” award from the Government of India.


Using technology that is simple and intuitive, they have made sure that last mile logistics became as easy as booking a cab.

We were a startup with a small team and limited resources, and developing an infrastructure from scratch was too costly. When it came to choosing between developing our own communication system or choosing a cloud telephony provider, it was quite a straightforward choice.


The story behind UDAN Logisure

Logisure started in Jaipur and have now expanded to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Baroda with plans for expanding to another 40 cities on the horizon.


Having worked in one of the big four consultancy firms and IT / operations domain, the founders observed that there was no collaborative transportation system for intra-city movement of goods. Think, metro trains, bus services kind of a system for transporting goods.


Logisure’s Urban Delivery Van Network (UDAN) connects available resources like delivery vans, mini trucks, helpers etc. with consignors and consignees. In the city logistics space, the flow of goods and information happens in real time. “While physically connecting all our assets was necessary, it was also important to find a voice solution that was as seamlessly connected as our physical resources.”, explains Anirudh Batwara, Chief Technical Officer, Logisure.

The challenge

1. A cost-effective voice and SMS service that connects all their workforce and allows scalability on the go.
2. A service that would help avoid the hassle of setting up new call centers and also save time while expansion.
3. A single dedicated channel connecting all their sales and support team as well as their UDAN members.

Setting up virtual contact centre

Logisure started their operations with Exotel in Jaipur. Exotel helped Logisure deploy a virtual call center that was on par with a fully functional physical call center. Using Exotel, Logisure made sure that each member is interconnected amongst themselves as well as the customer. Like a physical call center, Exotel handled all their business activities such as sales, support, operations (things like delivery confirmation, coordinating delivery with on-site and off-site staff and more).

“Exotel fulfilled voice and SMS needs for us and allowed our small team to reach out to customers all around India.”


Cost efficient scaling

“Logisure tapped into the expertise of Exotel and embarked on rapid growth from one City to multiple cities without spending a lot on communication infrastructure.”, says Darpan, IT & Systems, UDAN Logisure.

Anirudh also commented on expansion stating –

Exotel has helped us build and scale voice operations since day one and has allowed us to operate from a single location which would not have been possible if we were to set physical call centers in every city we expanded to. A service that could be scaled easily, deployed in under a few minutes, is what we needed and it is exactly what Exotel delivered.
Setting up a physical call center that would take care of all this would have required a large workforce as well a lot of investment. After their pilot program in Jaipur, Logisure was able to implement Exotel in other cities. Logisure avoided the hassle of setting up a physical call center in each location.

The virtual call center model helped Logisure reduce their operational cost by 20%-30%.


Single touch-point for multiple teams

As Logisure grew, they started branching into multiple teams. Each team worked on a different aspect of the business. Whether it was sales, support or operation, Exotel was seamlessly integrated with all of their departments.


Exotel enabled them to have a single number for sales, support and UDAN members. This avoided cluttering of multiple voice operations that wouldn’t have been possible if there were multiple channels. It also enabled them to track calls via a single touch point.


“Every partner that we use, we want to make sure is a premium service that we can use nationwide,” says Anirudh. “Exotel has proven to be a committed and capable partner in Logisure’s journey.”


A cloud-based solution provides us two important things. First, it provides us the ability to move at great pace. For e.g. we don’t need to handle basic plumbing work and can exclusively focus on our business objectives. The time it takes to implement a process on a cloud-based system is a fraction of time compared to setting up everything by ourselves. Second, a cloud-based system allows us to scale up quickly.Just like Amazon’s elastic cloud, we can easily change our scale of operation.

Logisure went from a small group of individuals working in a single city to a company that operates in over 5 cities, with an ever-expanding network of delivery van operators (about 3000) on UDAN.

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