How Ecom Express uses Exotel’s Number Masking solution

Case Study

How Ecom Express uses Number Masking to streamline their last-mile communication


About Ecom Express


Ecom Express is India’s leading end-to-end technology-enabled logistics solutions provider to the e-commerce industry. The company’s mantra for success has been the usage of cutting-edge technology and automation solutions throughout its logistics chain. With more than 2670 offices spread across 2470+ cities in India, and full state presence in 20 states, covering 26,500+ PIN codes, Ecom Express has the capability to deliver to over 92% of India’s population.

Implemented Use Cases

Last-mile delivery challenges


E-commerce is booming in India thanks to increased internet users and affordable smartphones. This growth has directly influenced the demand for affordable and reliable logistics providers. Despite exponential growth, logistics companies still have a few kinks they need to iron out with respect to their last mile processes and communication.

Providing customers a smooth last-mile experience

When Ecom Express launched in 2013, they wanted to provide a smooth last-mile experience to their customers. Using cutting edge technology to do this was their competitive advantage.


Ecom Express wanted a system that could power a seamless communication between their delivery associates and customers. They also wanted to ensure that the customer data, such as phone numbers, is secured and safe at all times. This was important to eliminate the possibilities of data compromise, fraud, misuse, etc.

Solution – Exotel’s Number Masking Solution for a seamless connection

Exotel’s number masking solution was integrated into the Ecom Express’ delivery app to solve this problem. The delivery associate simply has to click on the call button (assigned to a specific customer) to make a call.

When the delivery associate clicks on the call button on the delivery application, a virtual number is dialed and a call gets connected between the associate and the customer. The caller id would be the virtual number assigned to Ecom Express. This ensures that both the parties (associate or customer) would not be able to view the original contact details.


The same happens when a customer needs to connect with a delivery associate.


Further, all conversations between the associate and customer are recorded and monitored. This significantly assists in supervising all on-call conversations, hence, protecting the safety of customers and preventing any fraudulent activities.

Exotel’s number masking solution has been critical in streamlining our last-mile communication. It plays a major role in providing our customers with a superior delivery experience.
Manish Sunthwal
Assistant General Manager – IT

Advantages of this setup:


  1. Delivered a safe and enhanced last-mile communication
  2. Improved delivery experience
  3. Call recording feature came handy during dispute resolution
  4. Auditing and verification of calls to monitor the quality
  5. Number masking helped in injecting few controls on the last-mile application to detect and eradicate fraudulent deliveries proactively
We’ve been using Exotel for our communication for over 3 years now. After switching to Exotel, we’ve seen a big improvement in our call connectivity. If you’re looking for a reliable communication partner, you should definitely check them out.
Gurpreet Singh
Sr. Product Manager – IT
exotel - last mile delivery

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