dotCORD Uses Exotel to Manage a Professional Virtual Office

Case Study

dotCORD Uses Exotel to Manage a Professional Virtual Office

dotCORD is an IT services company based out of Belgaum a TIER 2 city in Karnataka, India. Started by Mr. Sandeep Hegde, dotCORD mainly provides web and mobile application development services to both Indian and International clients.

Use Case employed by dotCORD

How do you use Exotel for your business?

We use Exotel mostly to receive phone calls. One of the biggest benefits of using an Exotel phone number is that we can receive calls during non office hours and follow up with the missed calls the next day. We have quite a few international callers everyday and sometimes they may call during our midnight hours.

Exotel helps a lot in receiving those calls and having a log of who called while we were away from office. I track the calls using Exotel dashboard. I really like the SMS I get every morning about the missed calls and that gives me an idea about the amount of people that I have to call back.

We are a small IT company with less than 10 team members. Not all of us work physically in the same place at the same time. Some are freelancers and some are full-time employees. Our office is virtual. So it makes sense for us to get a virtual business phone system like that of Exotel!
Sandeep Hedge
Co-founder, dotCord

Do you have multiple agents receiving calls to your Exophony?
Yes – but not simulatenously. We have a fulltime support staff who handles the calls usually. In case a staff is on leave we can easily switch to another persons mobile number – while the client calls the same number. We usually around 3-5 calls per day.

Do you use Exotel for outbound calls as well?

I don’t usually use Exotel for out going calls because my customer’s numbers are in DND and hence I can’t do it using Exotel right now. I need to do some work to make sure that all my customers numbers are added to the white list so that outgoing calls can be made via Exotel to Indian numbers at least. (One cannot make out going calls to International numbers using Exotel as of now).

I use another number to make out going calls (a personal mobile number). For out going calls, pricing is not an issue. Right now, I am quite happy to use Exotel for incoming calls.
Is there any feature of Exotel that really stands out and you appreciate a lot?
Is there anything else you would like to add about Exotel?

Is there any feature of Exotel that stands out and you appreciate it a lot?

I really like that all the call recordings are being recorded and stored in Amazon S3. I can go back and listen to conversations whenever I want.

Say you have to get the requirements from clients on phone and such calls usually go for long time. Its difficult to focus on discussion as well as make notes simultaneously.

With exotel we can simply focus on discussion and replay the recorded call to ensure everything is noted properly.
Sandeep Hedge
Co-founder, dotCord

Additionally it also helps monitor all the employee calls and their conversations with clients – to ensure we are delivery quality.

A cloud based solution provides us two important things. First, it provides us ability to move at great pace. For e.g. we don’t need to handle basic plumbing work and can exclusively focus on our business objectives. The time it takes to implement a process on cloud based system is a fraction of time compared to setting up everything by ourselves. Second, a cloud based system allows us to scale up quickly.Just like Amazon’s elastic cloud, we can easily change our scale of operation.

Is there anything else you would like to add about Exotel?
Apart from the things mentioned above, there is nothing else to add. I am quite satisfied with Exotel’s services and I would continue using your services for a long time.

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