MangoMist resorts-single number for reservations & IVR for Hotels

Case Study

MangoMist uses Exotel to ensure they don’t miss even a single customer call

If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway from Bangalore, MangoMist is a place you should definitely check out. Situated about 25km from the city, the resort aims at bringing back your childhood memories in the mangroves. You can camp, take part in adventure sports, splash around in the pool and come back refreshed.

Use cases MangoMist Used

MangoMist resorts – Single number for reservations & IVR for hotels

We spoke to Rishi Venugopal , Managing Director of MangoMist about how Exotel has helped their business.


MangoMist was missing calls and as a result losing business. There was also no way to check the quality of the calls that were being answered as they were not being recorded.

How did Exotel help?

I was able to track calls, make sure they were being answered right etc. Exotel really helped because I was able to get the advantages and features of having an EPBAX system without actually investing or maintaining any hardware.

Reallocation of resources after using Exotel

We were missing a lot of calls due to the shortage of staff. When we started using Exotel, I was able to track how many calls were being missed and what time of the day they were being missed. When I consistently checked the Exotel Reports we were getting every day, I was able to pinpoint that we were getting quite a lot of calls post lunch and that was time we missed the maximum number of calls. So, now I have 2 people dedicated to answering calls after lunch. This has helped us reduce to a large extent the number of calls we’re missing.

Listening to customer calls

Whenever I have the time, I download a few random call recordings and listen to them since I do not have the time to go through each and every one of them. If I feel something should have been done differently, I immediately pass the learning on to my team.

Business Impact

Since we’re missing lesser calls today, it has a direct impact on our sales. Even if we miss calls, I’m able to point it to my team and fix it.
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