Scripbox uses Exotel to run a call centre for business

Case Study

How Scripbox uses Exotel to communicate with their customers every day

Scripbox is an online portal that allows any individual to invest in a simple basket of 4 funds. It was started by Atul Singhal and Sanjiv Singhal. The idea behind Scripbox was to help Indians avoid the confusion of thousands of mutual fund investment schemes present in the market. We spoke to Sanjiv about how their experience of using Exotel.

Usecases Implemented

Engage with their customers every day

Scripbox was looking for a solution that would allow them to use a single number for their customers to reach their operations or support team. They also needed to track and analyse calls between their teams and their customers. It was also imperative that the phone system could be set up instantly and scaled as the team and the call volumes grew.

When we look at service providers, our thought process is, who is going to be there with us in the journey for the longest, and that’s why we chose Exotel. Using Exotel has been always simple for us, but what it enables us to do is essential.
Sanjiv Singhal
COO, Scripbox

1. Using Exotel, they solved the issue of multiple phone numbers for different customer related divisions. They were able to use one virtual phone number and direct it to their support and customer operations team as per the customer’s choice.

2. Scripbox was able to tap into Exotel’s tracking features to keep a check on their call quality as well as their employees’ performance. They were able to track missed calls, understand the context to each the customer conversations, and keep track of all the calls answered by their support agents.

3. With Exotel’s easy to use APIs, they were able to quickly integrate Exotel with their product and CRM for better call tracking and customer experience.

They (Exotel) have been an integral part of Scripbox’s journey so far. Their turnaround time is very quick and they support us seamlessly with our contact centre operations.
Sanjiv Singhal
COO, Scripbox

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