Nearbuy (Formerly Groupon India) has a Virtual Call Center with Exotel

Case Study

Nearbuy (formerly Groupon) has a Virtual Call Center with Exotel

Nearbuy (formerly Groupon India) is an online platform that connects customers & local merchants with each other. From fine dining to relaxing at rooftop spas, Nearbuy has offers on almost everything in and around your city. Today, Nearbuy is present in over 35 cities, has 18+ categories and over 50,000 merchants across 1,00,000+ unique locations.

Teams impacted: Operations, Support, Sales

Nearbuy’s entire business revolves around their interactions with customers and dealers. Therefore, getting in touch with their clients and traders within a specific timeframe is the key to running their business operations efficiently. This led to Nearbuy getting in touch with us for smart solutions for their business.

Customer & merchant engagement via SMSes

Nearbuy needed two things:
1. Get an acknowledgment from customers for the service picked
2. Inform the merchants about reaching out to customers
Since Nearbuy gets multiple deals in a day, to manually send out texts would take a massive amount of time. Therefore, they needed a solution that would help avoid manual labour.

To combat this issue, Nearbuy decided to use Exotel to send automated SMSes to their clients & merchants.

Due to the fact that Exotel is a cloud telephony solution we spent zero on developing an infrastructure and even with a large variety of solutions that Exotel has to offer, it was pretty easy to configure.
Bharath Devanathan
COO, Nearbuy

How this works
As mentioned earlier, manually sending texts is a time consuming and a rather mundane job. This automation made the job of the Nearbuy employees ten times faster and easier. This also helped ensure that no service booking went untracked.

Exotel has helped our Travel Deals team a lot & Ankur Sarwagi who heads the vertical has loved the solution. The Travel deals team can now understand the customers, solve their pain points, and can keep a tab on this vertical.
Bharath Devanathan
COO, Nearbuy

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