Transactional SMS Service for Business Operations

Ensure reliable business communication with your customers for important updates, alerts, or reminders. Transactional Bulk SMS ensures guaranteed, secure, and rapid deliverability at scale and cost.



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What is a Transactional SMS?

A transactional SMS is any message sent on behalf of your company to share critical business information with your customers so that they continue to have positive experiences and extend their journey with your brand. A transactional SMS excludes any message that has promotional or marketing content intended to drive new business.

How to send Transactional SMS Campaigns?

The Exotel advantage

Exotel makes sending Transactional SMSes super easy. Here’s why you should use Exotel:

Multiple dedicated routes

Industry-leading delivery assurance within seconds of our backend triggering a message. Alternate routes bypass any routes on downtime

Real-time reporting

Never miss the status of any message – delivery rates, time, open rates and more – with powerful analytics.

Superior reliability

Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes.

Competitive pricing

Show us better rates from your current or potential vendor and we will match or beat them.

Well-documented APIs

Simple, Easy-to-use, and flexible APIs to send SMS from an enterprise system currently in your tech stack.

Best support

Get a best-in-class 24×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter

How can businesses use Transactional SMS?

Status updates

Order or booking confirmations, modifications, or cancellations.

KYC & Acknowledgements

OTP verification to authenticate customers, seeking confirmation of delivery or service completion.

Shipment updates

Inform customers of shipment status, alert of delays.

Predefined alert triggers

Reminders for appointments, travel departures, payments for loans or credit cards.

Internal or partner updates

Alerts for low inventory, unplanned service disruptions, uptime failures and more.

Why transactional SMS can build strong customer experiences

Assured, 24x7x365 delivery

With multiple robust SMS routes for transactional SMS, messages go through without a hitch to DND & non-DND numbers.

Scale & segment at will

Reach your entire audience or specific customer groups at once, with no fear of delivery limitations.

Highly configurable

Use an SMS platform offering simple-to-use interfaces and dashboard to set up trigger & action flows.

Simple tech stack integrations

Bulk Transactional SMS providers easily allow order management or ERP system integrations. Provide seamless business communications.

Track SMS performance

Schedule or extract real-time logs of delivery status and open rates to gauge the impact of transactional SMSes.

Build customer trust

Overall, transactional SMS is a great medium to prompt instant customer feedback and improve experiences over time. Convert that trust to explore marketing, cross- or up-sell opportunities.

Who should use our SMS platform?

Take a glimpse of how Exotel’s business SMS platform helped Go-Jek increase their delivery rates to 92% !


Here’s how Nearbuy (Groupon) uses us for Transactional SMS Service

Nearbuy’s entire business revolves around its interactions with customers and dealers. Therefore, getting in touch with their clients and traders within a specific time frame is the key to running their business operations efficiently. This led to Nearbuy getting in touch with us for Transactional SMS service.

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Transactional SMS Templates

Straight from our customers:

Asha Satapathy

Exotel’s SMS delivery rate is quick. We have observed an improvement in our customer experience after using Exotel.

Founder & CEO, DocEngage

Raju Pardeshi

We’ve been using Exotel since BookRyde’s first baby step. It has really helped us implement and run SMS solutions seamlessly.

Founder & CEO, BookRyde

Apurv Jain

Exotel helps us in the entire packaging of the SMS reminders channel, thereby leaving the user delighted, satisfied, and retained with Haptik.

Product Manager, Haptik

Praveen Chandran

Our level of efficiency has drastically increased ever since we’ve started using Exotel. It’s increased by at least 3X.

Product Head, Quikr Services, Quikr


What is transactional SMS?

A transactional SMS is any non-marketing or promotional-based message sent by a business to keep its customers aware of any services, products, or company updates to drive positive brand experiences with its customers. Messages are sent even to DND (Do Not Disturb) active numbers.


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What is a transactional SMS service?

It is usually delivered by a vendor who offers the ease and scope of functionality needed to configure and automate a transactional bulk SMS campaign.


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How can I send transactional SMS?

Given the scale and range of updates an SME or enterprise needs to communicate with its customers, transactional SMS are offered by bulk SMS vendors using simple user interfaces to configure SMS flows.


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Why should I use transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS is mission-critical for any business to keep its customers informed of product, service, delivery, booking, and related updates to create favourable experiences for its customers.


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What are the features of transactional messages?

Transactional messages can usually be configured for trigger-based actions (booking a ticket triggers a flow until the end of the journey), can be pre-scheduled for updates like company news, sent in bulk to your entire audience, and tracked for performance.


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What is the difference between promotional and transactional SMS?

Promotional SMS is sent as part of marketing campaigns to inform customers of offers or discounts and prompt them to act and drive sales. Transactional SMS is informative and not revenue-centric in nature, to keep customers informed of order status, company updates, or any other non-promotional business information.


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