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What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is the technology that moves your business phone system to the cloud. It is the smartest way to manage business calls without compromising on quality and cost. Cloud phone systems ensure businesses have scalable and reliable access to unified business communication without any burden of setting up infrastructure or additional CAPEX.

How is cloud telephony changing the way businesses communicate today?

Cloud telephony helps break the barriers that the traditional phone systems have. Here are some ways in which this happens:


It streamlines communication

Cloud telephony lets you setup call centres with zero investments on infrastructure. It enables a more streamlined, controlled and systematic manner of communication for enterprises and small businesses.


It supports innovation

Cloud telephony plays an important role in companies coming up with cutting-edge solutions to real-world problems with services like automated calls, number masking and IVR solutions among others.

Exotel Cloud Telephony Powering Billions of Conversations

All the calls you make when you book your cabs or order food online, all the calls you receive for payment reminders or OTPs, happen over cloud telephony. See how we power millions of conversations everyday.

Advantages Of A Customer Call Center On The Cloud


Quick Setup

All you need to get started with cloud telephony is a computer and internet connection. No additional hardware, handsets or license required.


Scale at Ease

As you grow, your business phone system will grow with you. With cloud telephony systems, you can keep adding users, virtual numbers and call flows as you grow, without worrying about the infrastructure.


Complete Control

You can make quick changes to your system from your browser. No IT team needed anymore.


Cost Effective

No spending on infrastructure, set up or maintenance. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.


Exhaustive Analytics

Get key metrics, understand performance and optimize your operations with cloud telephony.


Custom Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with all leading CRM’s in the market.


Enhanced Customer Privacy

Cloud telephony enables companies to speak to customers without revealing either party’s phone number.

How can I use Exotel for my business?


Safeguard the privacy of your customers

Connect your vendors, delivery personnel, drivers, etc without revealing the customer’s phone number.
Read how Ola does it


Real-time customer updates

Send your customers real-time updates and keep them happy.
Read more about real-time customer updates.


On call and SMS OTP

Enhance security by using two-factor authentication. Use Exotel’s on call or SMS OTP and add a level of security to your business.

Read more about OTP SMS


Automated Calls and SMS

Create communication touch-points based on your customers’ actions. Automate processes you don’t want manual labour to spend their time on.

Read how Indus Action does it


Build a call center

Build a full-featured contact center in minutes with zero infrastructure or hardware cost with our cloud call center software. Scale as you grow.

Here’s how Logisure uses Exotel to run their call center

Vendor connect for marketplaces

Connect your clients with the appropriate vendors. Keep the accountability, tracking and privacy intact.

Read how Quikr does it

Future of Cloud Telephony India

When we look at the people using cloud telephony in India via the most innovative way, it’s interesting to note that they’re at the two ends of the spectrum. We have one set of people who are pushing the boundaries of cloud telephony by using it with cutting-edge technology. Think, Internet of Things (IoT).


The easiest way to “talk” to your devices and to build a great user experience is through cloud telephony. Using calls and business SMS can reduce the number of touch points you need to make something work. At the same time, these calls and SMSes can also be tracked and measured to innovate consistently.


While IoT is at one end of the spectrum of innovation, cloud telephony can also be used as a “carrier” medium. Calls and SMS are the easiest way to reach out to people to a large sect of individuals who are untouched by any other type of technology.


Something that started out as a simple technology to empower businesses and power customer communication has come a long way. Technology is only as powerful as what it is used for. Cloud telephony, with its innovative and compelling adoptions, has evolved far beyond its expectations.



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What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is the technology that shifts your business phone system to the cloud. It offers voice services through the Internet, a completely wireless, scalable, opex-based system.

How does cloud telephony work?

Your phones are connected to the existing network that lets you control and manage your phone system using an online dashboard. Your service provider handles the routing when a call is placed, transmitting your analog voice signals to data packets over the internet.

Who can use cloud telephony?

A wide range of businesses can use cloud telephony:

1) Any company with a remote workforce that needs to connect with customers regularly

2) Growing organisations that need rapid scalability without needing to invest in infrastructure

3) Companies interested in innovative and automated voice solutions like number masking, missed call service, automated SMS, nOTP authentication etc.

4) Data-driven organisations seeking real-time insights into their voice channels

What are the advantages of cloud telephony?

Quick and easy installation: Our customers migrate to cloud telephony and are up and running within an hour!

Cost-effective: Unlike EPABX solutions, cloud telephone does not require any capital expenditure on infrastructure or devices. You pay for what you use on an opex model, scaling dynamically as the need arises.

Easy integration: Using Exotel’s voice API, you can integrate cloud telephony with a wide range of websites and apps like CRM, helpdesk etc.

Intensive analytics: Cloud telephony automatically captures call data, metadata like the call length and records calls and stores for later use.

Easy to scale: Whether you need to add another 20 agents or 200, you can do it with the click of a button with Exotel. 

Better customer privacy: Innovative features like number masking prevent agents from accessing customer information like their mobile number, even while they’re speaking to them

How is cloud telephony different from traditional phone systems?

The traditional phone system is located on the premises of the business and consists of physical phone extensions that are bulky, inflexible and inconvenient to handle. They are costly and time-consuming to maintain. They also cannot be used through a mobile phone from anywhere.

Cloud telephony is built, operated and maintained on the cloud, using the internet to connect the network.

1) It eliminates fixed devices and wires. Your agents can make calls using their mobile or landline devices.

2) It allows your agents to make calls remotely, from anywhere in the world.

3) It saves on infrastructure costs, eliminating capex.

4) It is maintained by the service provider, like Exotel, upgraded constantly, without you investing in maintenance/upgrade.

If my agents use their mobile phones to make these calls, will the customer get their number?

No, number masking works both ways. When your agents dial through an Exophone, the customer will only see your virtual number and not the agent’s personal phone number.

How to choose a cloud telephony provider in India?

To choose a cloud telephony provider in India, you need to keep a few things in mind:

1) Capabilities & features: Does the platform ghave lal the features you need now and might meed in the future?

2) Reliability: Ask for their average uptime last year. Exotel’s average uptime in 2020 was more than 99.95%

3) Free trial: Do they have a free trial? It’s important to try a product before you purchase it and see how well it works for you, how easy it is yo use, etc.

4) Pricing: What plans do they have? Is their pricing transparent?

How can I get a cloud telephony solution for my business with Exotel?

You can set up Exotel’s cloud telephony platform for your business within minutes. All you have to do is sign up, verify your number and complete the KYC. After this, you can set up a call flow and start taking calls within minutes!


Sign up


Cloud telephony vs. traditional PBX: What’s the difference?

With a cloud telephony platform, you do not need you to buy special equipment - all you need are mobile phones already available with your agents. The whole infrastructure for your phone system is hosted on the cloud, whereas in case of a traditional PBX phone system, you need to purchase, set up and maintain bulky equipment.

Asia’s most innovative companies use Exotel

Chirag Patel

Exotel's API documentation and implementation process is extremely simple and easy to follow. There were no hassles in setting it up. We use other cloud telephony platforms as well but Exotel gets a big thumbs-up from us for their ease of use.

Engineering Manager, 1mg

Shashank ND

We have worked across cloud telephony players and with other vendors, but the fact is Exotel is dependable.

Co-Founder & CEO, Practo

Prateek Jain

The number masking feature has been a very worthy addition to making our customer experience even better.

Former Associate Director - Driver Experience, Olacabs

Kumar Vinod

We used to use a traditional PBX system before. But that doesn’t have the capabilities of Exotel’s IVR system. So, we decided to use Exotel for our IVR cancellation system.

Senior Manager - Operations, redBus


Exotel's automated calls have helped in increasing our service levels and reducing our costs since there is no need for any manual intervention.

Senior Manager - Operations and Strategy

Praveen Kumar

Exotel's APIs are very clearly defined. Our tech team could integrate them in no time. It’s easy to incorporate into any product.

Assistant Vice President, Quikr Services

Ranjana DK

An excellent, user friendly and cost effective platform. Automations make it very easy for the caller and receiver to interact efficiently. We are truly glad to have moved to Exotel.

Sales and Marketing Manager, T0rq03 Sports & Adventures

Satish Chugh

Very supportive and understanding staff who have lived up to every expectation, and at times exceeded them too.

Senior Manager- Last Mile Design, Ekart


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The Exotel advantage

Why Exotel is considered as the most reliable enterprise cloud communications platform in India and Southeast Asia


Superior Quality

Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency


Scale at Ease

Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure


Superior Reliability

Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes


Best Support

24×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter


Simple to implement

Sign up and get started in less than 30 minutes, integrate easily using our REST APIs


Extensive Reporting

Easy to understand, detailed reports sent every day

Ebook: Cloud Telephony India in a Nutshell

If you’re unclear about how cloud telephony can help your business in India, start here. In this ebook, we talk in detail about the various options businesses are faced when they consider using cloud telephony for their business.

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