How an Indian Entrepreneur Does Not Miss Leads Using Simple Exotel Voice Mail

Case Study

How an Indian Entrepreneur, Mr. Madan Mohan Ram Does Not Miss Leads Using Simple Exotel Voice Mail

Meet Mr. Madhan Mohan Ram, who along with his wife runs a music academy Madhan’s Rasikapriya which promotes Indian Classical Music in Chennai. He uses Exotel’s Voice-mail extensively to manage his calls, so he decided to leave us one to tell us his story. 🙂

How Exotel helped Mr. Ram to Never Miss Leads?


In Mr. Madhan Mohan Ram’s case he used to use the old style un-intuitive voice-mail from Aircel, but almost most telecom operators voice-mails are not easy to use, you need to press a lot of codes, keep punching into an IVR, and the worst bit is, you can’t have access to all the recordings, or voice-mail from a smart system.

In Mr. Ram’s own words:


We at Exotel have integrated this for a lot of Self Employed, Home Office Entrepreneurs who are cooking, teaching kick-boxing, martial arts, music, dance and just want a simple voice-mail solution which reaches them on both e-mail and phone. They are able to listen to these recordings anytime, and also configure the voice-mail very easily from a web interface. And, they get instant e-mails whenever a voice-mail turns up

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