How BookRyde uses Exotel to streamline their customer communication

Case Study

How BookRyde uses Exotel to streamline their customer communication


About BookRyde


BookRyde is a cab aggregator based out of Thailand. It was started with one vision – to provide affordable rides to customers and help drivers to make more money by paying less commission. They are currently operational in Chiang Mai with plans of expanding to Bangkok and other major cities soon.

Implemented Use Cases

The Challenge

Communication is key to BookRyde’s application experience. Right from user registration to driver communication, everything is powered using SMSes.


But when they started, they faced one major problem – the SMSes weren’t hitting the customer’s inbox. This was because of poor SMS delivery rates provided by the local SMS vendors. Even after changing different vendors and paying a premium fee, they couldn’t solve the problem. To fix this they were looking for a reliable communication partner. That’s when they discovered Exotel.

Solution – Using Exotel’s platform to deliver SMS

Today, all of BookRyde’s SMSes are triggered and delivered using Exotel’s platform. After the integration, their delivery rates improved significantly. This allowed them to focus on the customers and improve other aspects of the application experience.

Here’s what Raju Pardeshi, Founder & CEO of BookRyde had to say about Exotel –

We’ve been using Exotel since BookRyde’s first baby step. It has really helped us implement and run SMS solutions seamlessly. Moreover, their prominent support has really helped us scale our communication.

Raju Pardeshi
Founder & CEO, BookRyde

Here’s what Mehul Patel, Product Manager of SoftPixel Co. had to say about Exotel –

Glad to say that being a product manager, my team trusted me to go with a partner that understands our business, and proactively suggests solutions to improve our communication experience. It will definitely help in the next phase of scaling our communication platform.

Mehul Patel
Product Manager, SoftPixel Co.

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