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Case Study

Using Exotel’s call center to build better travel experiences for women

F5 escapes is a Bangalore-based experiential travel company that redefines the way women travel in India. They do this in 3 ways – Travel Enablement, Inspiration, Information. They design and execute all-women group tours, customized itineraries and also help foreign women travel to India.

Use Case They Use:


We all need our regular doses of breaks from our mundane lives. F5 escapes ensures this with their experiential travel experiences, exclusively for women travelling in India.

The booking process

When F5 escapes started out, their typical booking would usually entail an E-mail, a social media message or occasionally a phone call. In 2015, however, the F5 escapes team noticed a spike in the number people who started reaching out to them over the phone.

The need for a business phone

Initially, Malini, CEO of F5 escapes, and her team had a separate mobile phone with a dedicated mobile number to answer F5 calls. “Problem was that this phone was stuck with one person and it was useless when the person’s network wasn’t good”, says Malini.

Owing to their incessant travel and the fact that they’re a 3 member team, Malini (CEO) and her team decided it was time to look for a solution. They needed a solution that would enable them to handle calls from anywhere but would also allow them to retain their lean team.

“We needed a solution that was location independent, dynamically reconfigurable and would eliminate the chance of missing calls due to network issues of one person”


Exotel’s call center solution

Having heard of Exotel from a friend earlier on, Malini quickly decided to go ahead with Exotel’s call center solution. F5 escapes now uses Exotel to manage all their incoming calls.

How Exotel has helped

Exotel has helped in the following ways:

1. Ensuring availability at all times:
Exotel’s solution helps the F5 escapes team avoid the worry that every entrepreneur, especially in the initial stages, has – What happens to the salesperson is not there. All they have to do is decide which one of them is available and switch configurations in the call flow to ensure availability at all times.

“Exotel’s ability to switch configuration helps us save a lot of time that would be otherwise spent worrying about missed calls and switching phones. We can now look at reports, keep track of calls, their frequency and so on. Also, the recording facility is a boon – about 50% of missed callers do leave a message, and this helps us get back to them at the earliest, therefore avoiding any loss of business”


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