Autowale has a central call center across locations with Exotel

Case Study

Autowale has a Central Call Center Across Locations with Exotel

Autowale provides 24*7 auto-rickshaw services to end consumers in Pune & Bangalore, and manages to get safe travel with reliable drivers at normal RTA rates. Autowale has a call center in Pune, and uses Exotel to manage transferring all their Bangalore calls to the Pune team. This helps them maintain a single call center rather than multiple operational units. See more below on their journey and how they utilize Exotel call center solution in a special way.

Use Case Autowale Implemented

Team impacted: Support, Operations

We caught up with Mukesh from Autowale, on how the company began, what are their plans, and how they consistently use Exotel for their Bangalore operations and connecting it seamlessly with their Pune operations.

How did you start and what is the pain point you feel you are solving?

Customer delight is the most important matter for us. Naturally, our tremendous growth puts a tremendous burden on our processes. A process that’s designed 6 months ago may become ineffective today. Hence, we constantly review all our customer support processes and redesign them.
We started Autowale after having a bunch of ideas and chose Autowale due to a bunch of reasons which were the top priority in mine and Janardan’s list.
The focus for a business we wanted to build had to have the following:
– It should solve an Indian problem.
– We should be able to quickly roll out the product, and not spend 2 years building it.
– The idea should have the possibility of mass impact.
– Location-based services was high around 2009, and was our focal point as well.
So when Autowale came across, we just began and thought it is a unique Indian problem, which would be fun solving.

It was very easy to configure and once setup, we have not had to contact your team again.
Mukesh Chandra Jha
Co-Founder & CEO, Autowale

When you were moving to Bangalore for expanding operations, what were your concerns around the telecom infrastructure and how did Exotel solve your problem?

We had a Pune call center team setup, with a lot of effort in training and building quality processes across the team to provide quite a wonderful experience to our customers over calls. Most of our orders still come over calls, and hence it is imperative this part of the business was smooth and effective from day 1.

When we decided to expand to Bangalore, we did not want to outsource and work with another vendor, and hence were looking for options to maximize our efforts in Pune itself. Exotel fit in perfectly, it helped us forward our Bangalore calls to our Pune setup in an instant and also did quick integration and gave its own bunch of features as well. We did not need to spend any money on hiring/outsourcing in Bangalore and we were ready immediately!

Some of the beautiful things of Exotel was the business intelligence layer with simple business logic, control of what customers are talking/hearing with call recordings, and reporting to cross check our Pune operations as well.

We have not experienced a single downtime yet! Our Pune vendor keeps going down, and then we shift our entire Pune operations also onto Exotel many times ?
Mukesh Chandra Jha
Co-Founder & CEO, Autowale

What have been some of the salient features with Exotel so far?

Some nice ones are:
– We have not experienced a single downtime yet! Our Pune vendor keeps going down, and then we shift our entire Pune operations also onto Exotel many times ? , in-fact for Bangalore operations, Exotel is the source code, as sometimes the Pune call center does not have call recordings or a reporting will be missing, hence it massively helps.
– It is a great plug n play system.
– No talking to anyone and billing is smooth.

We are going to also integrate this further using your API into our CRM/CMS application and hopefully that will allow us to pull out deeper data and utilize the product even better.
The fact that our Bangalore number re-routes to our Pune operations is not possible anywhere else, and that in itself is immense.

Would like to thank Mukesh for taking out time, and sharing their story with others.

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