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Exotel solutions for travel companies

Travelling is a universally loved activity. Planning a dream vacation no longer requires a person to spend endless hours with a travel agent. All the information is a click away. There’s no denying that communication is at the heart of this industry. More than emails, channels like voice and SMS plays a crucial role through the complete customer lifecycle, right from booking to customer support to feedback.

Here’s how we help these companies:

Automated IVR assistance – One of the problems that companies face as they grow is managing the scale of their support center as they grow. However, a lot of routine queries like ticket status, cancellation status, etc. can be automated using IVR. This way customers get prompt answers to their queries on the same call or over SMS. It also increases the support team’s productivity as they get more time to answer those customers who really require their help.
Cloud Call Center Solution or Customer support centre – Moving to a cloud call center has its own advantages. For starters you aren’t tied to a single location, providing you the flexibility of handling calls from anywhere. You can also easily track, manage and analyze calls while keeping the costs down. The recordings and daily reports help in analyzing agent efficiency and to maintain the quality of the service. Also, all this without worrying about hardware, infrastructure cost or maintenance.
Measuring marketing ROI – Using virtual numbers in your ads makes the outcome of the marketing spend trackable as the response can be tracked to the virtual number used in an ad.
Automated Reminder and status update calls
– Automated Calls or SMS can be triggered to proactively remind customers about their upcoming journeys and to update them about the status of their bookings (delays, cancellations, etc.)

Some Customer Success Stories

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Automated Calls vs SMS Reminders why calls win

Automated Calls vs SMS Reminders: Why calls win

Millennials might prefer SMS over calls, but statistics prove that when it comes to reminders, calls reigns supreme. A reminder SMS is bound to get lost in our inbox that is already swamped with text messages.
This white paper helps understand the unique ways in which automated calls can be used for reminders.

Boosting Customer Experience for Legacy Systems Through Automation

A leading online ticketing platform cuts 60% of its cost simply by automating the incoming support center on top of existing legacy systems. This layer of automation has helped them cut down on the workforce by 30 agents, and also provide quicker and better customer experience.

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