Just Books Uses Exotel Toll Free Number and Internal Support Phone Numbers

Case Study

Just Books Uses Exotel Toll-Free Number and Internal Support Phone Numbers

JustBooks clc is a new generation community library chain that provides a unique reading experience to book lovers with a wide range of books for every type of reader Toddlers to teens, Dabblers to Bookworms under a modern, vibrant ambience with effective use of technology. Like we love saying – At Just Books, there is a book for everyone in the family.

Team (s) Impacted: Sales & Operations

Just Books was started as a one-stop book experiment in Whitefield in 2008, by R Sundar Rajan. The motivation was to start a well-run library with an extensive stock of books. The first shop was intended to provide validation of the market opportunity and customer appetite for books. But it did more than that. It was a phenomenal success, amassing around 1000 members in just the first three months.Gradually, Just Books moved toward a structured business model. Today, they are the country’s first pan-India community library chain.

Before Exotel, we had no handle on the number of calls coming in, resolution of issues and load on teams. We are now able to understand qualitative factors like times of day when most calls come in, types of calls (issues/new members) and how many were handled vs. missed.Exotel has drastically improved the way we structure our customer support team
Subhash Bhushan
Co-founder, Just Books

Exotel for Internal Support

Just Books has multiple outlets with a centralized technical support team. They wanted to have a faster communication mechanism in case of a tech issue. Just Books needed a single number on which store managers could call and get their queries solved.

Exotel provided Just Books with a single virtual number where the store managers could call and get their questions answered. The technical support team at Just Books were able to detect patterns and understand the problems faced by store managers. Pattern recognition was possible because of Exotel’s call recording solution.


Customer Support

Just Books has clients from all over the country to a centralized call center. Therefore, they needed a low-cost calling solution for their clients.

Exotel’s Toll-Free number did the trick. Customers from all over India could call them free of cost. Calls are routed to Just Books’ Support team.

Voicemail Solutions

“Exotel has drastically improved the way we structure our customer support team”, says Subhash Bhushan , Co-founder, Just Books .

Earlier, Just Books’ staff worked only on weekdays between 9 am to 6:30 pm. Through the voicemail feature, Just Books began to notice that many calls came post 6:30 pm and on weekends too.

Just Books now has two teams working outside of office hours and on weekends.

We have plans of integrating Exotel more closely with Just Books in the future, and plan to track our operations as we grow across India using Exotel.
Subhash Bhusan
Co-Founder, Just Books

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