Belita uses Exotel to improve customer experience

Case Study

Belita uses Exotel to improve customer experience

Belita is one of the most popular beauty solutions at home in India. They bring the beauty parlour to your home with no effort from your end.


Belita started using Exotel in 2012 and has been with us ever since. Belita deals thousands of customers daily for bookings and appointments. Tracking these clients is not an easy task. They were looking for a reliable communication solution to make this a little easier.

Powering customer support for booking appointments

Distribute client calls in an even manner

The booking process is fairly simple. Each time a client wants to book a workspace, all they have to do it go to the website and book it. Each booking is charged on an hourly basis.

Belita has multiple offices in the cities they operate in. These offices have large teams that look after their customer operations. They needed to manage calls efficiently across these offices without the need to manage multiple numbers.

Customer experience is a crucial part of Belita’s operations. They wanted a perfect communications solution that would allow them to keep track of all queries related to bookings and appointments.

“Exotel helped us continuously monitor our customer calls very carefully”

The solution

Deep Singh, Business Head, Belita India said that using Exotel, Belita could evenly distribute calls with their single customer-facing number. Remote staff deployed across various locations could handle customer calls.
Calls were Belita’s first touch point towards their customer. With an increase in incoming call traffic, monitoring the quality of calls became a necessity. Exotel was able to help them use these calls as a resource for support and training.
Using Exotel’s daily call reports, they were also able to keep a close tab on their agents’ performance and efficiency. All this enabled Belita to improve their call centre operations by leaps and bounds.

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