How 99dotco Uses Exotel to Increase Lead Attribution by 20%

Case Study

How 99dotco Uses Exotel to Increase Lead Attribution by 20%


About 99dotco


99dotco is one of Singapore’s fastest-growing property portals. Their mission is to help 99% of people looking for a home online make the best purchase decision. They aim to achieve this by making the property search experience easy and reliable at each stage of the customer journey. 99dotco leverages technology, design, and rich data to give their users the best possible experience online.

Importance of Tracking Customer Calls

Every time a new deal, i.e., a new development project comes in, 99dotco sets up a web page with information about the project and uses ads to attract potential buyers. Individual sales agents who are interested in selling this new property can purchase a package from 99dotco, which guarantees them a certain number of leads. Whenever a customer calls up the project’s publicised number, they are connected to a sales agent.


For 99dotco, tracking & attributing each call is crucial for monetization & dispute resolution. They set up tracking & attribution for each customer touchpoint — emails, sign up forms, etc. via Google Analytics — but were finding it challenging to implement the same for phone calls. That’s when they started looking for a cloud telephony solution.

Achieving Transparency with Call Tracking

99dotco sets up an official contact number for each project. Using Exotel, all incoming calls to this number are forwarded to sales agents in a round-robin fashion. Every time a potential buyer calls up this number, they are connected to an agent and the call is tracked and recorded automatically by Exotel. Prior to using Exotel, 99dotco ran into disputes frequently with the sales agents about the quality or the number of leads passed on to them. After implementing Exotel’s solution, they were able to:

  • Keep track of the number of calls received by the agents
  • Gauge the quality of leads reliably
  • Resolve disputes instantly
  • Increase lead attribution by 20%

Using Exotel’s comprehensive call flow customizations, they are also able to:


  • Distribute leads equally among agents when multiple agents sign on for the same property
  • Map customers to agents reliably. Ensure that whenever a customer calls 99dotco’s virtual number more than once, they are routed to the same agent in order to keep the continuity of the conversation going.
  • Send an SMS notification every time an agent misses a customer call

Understanding Target Audience via Call Recordings

Marketing teams rarely get to speak to potential customers. However, they are the ones responsible for coming up with content that directly speaks to their target audience.


With Exotel’s call recording feature, 99dotco was able to gain visibility into sales conversations and understand how customers talk about pain points, what they’re actually looking for, and the terms they commonly use. This helped 99dot co optimize their marketing efforts and come up with better copy for their landing pages, which, in turn, helped increase conversions.

I’d definitely recommend Exotel to anyone who wants to build customized call flows and set up reliable call tracking & automated SMSes. The user experience is great, there are rarely any bugs — in the last two years of using Exotel, we’ve had only one bug — and the support team is very helpful and responsive.
Jesslyn Kwong
Regional Performance Marketing Lead, 99dotco
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