How The Nudge Foundation Uses Exotel For Its Gurukul Program

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How The/Nudge Foundation uses Exotel for its Gurukul program


About The/Nudge Foundation

The/Nudge Foundation is a section 8 non-profit with a purpose of poverty alleviation scalably and sustainably. It was founded in 2015 by Atul Satija. The/Nudge is supported by companies like Infosys, PayTM and InMobi. Based out of Bangalore, the organization works on 3 impact streams- the Centre for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, up. and N/Core.

The Gurukul program comes under the center for skill development and entrepreneurship. It is a 90-day fully residential skill development program for underprivileged youth (school/college dropouts, youth in informal/casual labor) from 9 different states with 100% job placements and life-long support to keep them out of poverty.

We live in the era of smartphones. In India alone, there are 0.3 billion people using smartphones. But how do you communicate with the 400 million Indians who don’t even have a roof over their heads, leave alone smartphones?

According to data, more than 22% of India’s population is below the poverty line. Since The/Nudge Foundation works with such people, it was difficult to communicate using mediums like Whatsapp or Facebook. Their best bet was using voice and SMS for communication. But a manual phone system wasn’t capable of tracking and monitoring so many calls. They wanted a system that could bring all the customer communication in one place and could empower them to automate certain communication too. This was the time they stumbled upon Exotel.

Currently, The/Nudge Foundation uses Exotel for its Gurukul program, right from admissions using missed calls to providing support to their students after graduation using our support center software.

While it was very important to engage with Gurukul students after graduation, it became extremely difficult to find an effective communication channel.


In the Gurukul program, youth are currently offered 5 job skills to choose from, including plumbing, electrical works, customer service, delivery partners and beauticians. The 90-day program ends with a graduation ceremony that celebrates the placements of the youth in jobs through an open campus placement model (150+ employers onboarded including HGS, Sobha Developers, Bharat Matrimony, Swiggy, Starbucks etc).

Over the last 3 years, more than 4500 youth from 9 different states have already been trained (predominantly in Bangalore) on this model with 100% placements.

After the students graduate, automated calls are triggered to check if the student is struggling with adjustment. The calls are triggered thrice in the first month and once in the subsequent months for the next year. The calls also capture inputs such as salary and whether the student is still employed or not. This system has helped them retain 74% engagement on the Life/guard program.


Finding a support center solution for their Life/Guard service that could easily integrate with their existing system and handle multiple calls.


Apart from training, the organization also provides support with their Life/Guard service. Gurukul students can call their support number anytime to seek help. The complete support center is powered by Exotel.

Exotel enables the program to manage multiple calls on a single number. They can easily queue the callers and route the calls to agents depending on the availability. This provides for a seamless experience since all calls are tracked.

At The/Nudge Foundation, we are on a mission of poverty alleviation sustainably and at scale. When it comes to running our admissions through telecalling or following up with our alumni to know how they are doing, we needed technology to keep track and ensure we do not miss anyone out. Exotel has stepped in here and made this feat possible. We have now ensured alumni engagement at 75% and have scaled our admissions 3x.
Anusuya Prabhakaran
Senior Associate at The/Nudge Foundation

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