Exotel Helps Indus Action Reach Parents From the Economically Weaker Sections of Society

Case Study

Exotel Helps Indus Action Reach Parents From the Economically Weaker Sections of Society

INDUS ACTION was founded by students from Harvard and MIT committed to India’s growth and development.

Indus Action – Project Eklavya

“Every child between the ages of 6 and 14 have to receive a free and compulsory education.” When the Indian parliament passed the RTE Act in August 2009, we became one of 135 countries in the world to make education a fundamental right for every child.

Project Eklavya focuses on building a model for effective implementation of Section 12, RTE Act of 2009.

The Act mandates that all private, unaided primary schools in India reserve at least 25% of their seats for children belonging to Economically Weaker Sections(EWS) of society.

Currently, only 10% of the eligible families are aware of the fact that their children have access to these 25% seats.

Project Eklavya’s Mandate & their Aim

1. Spreading awareness about the RTE act amongst parents of children between the ages of 6 and 14 who are eligible
2. Guiding them through the process
3. Answering any queries they may have about the process
They are currently running a pilot campaign in Delhi.

Aim: To get at least 10,000 applications from all over Delhi to fill these 25% seats.

The Background

At the end of the session, they analyse the whiteboard session and the audio recording to understand the efficiency of the interaction. They analyse metrics like duration of the conversation, the number of questions asked, student engagement, the pace of teaching, etc.

This is called the “Effectiveness Quotient.” This data is then shared with the teacher to improve the teaching methods employed.Project Eklavya is being run by Indus Action, an organization that is committed to India’s growth and development. They aim to mobilize public resources and empower communities to solve our prevalent problems.

Areas such as education, public health, law enforcement and accountability are their primary focus. Through building social programs, they hope to bridge the gap between policies and their implementation.

Started by Harvard and MIT students, the Indus Action team brings diversified experience from various domains.

They seek to bring in innovative ideas to build models that are both feasible and scalable.

The success of Project Eklavya depends on providing the RIGHT INFORMATION to the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME.

The Role of Exotel

Reaching Out to Parents from the EWS

One of the most important aspects of Project Eklavya is educating the parents and guiding them through the process. With the increasing use of mobile phones, the best way to communicate with them is through simple calls or SMS. Indus Action also needed to provide a cost-effective way for the parents to get in touch with them.

Exotel solved this problem very efficiently for Indus Action.

Exotel serves our purpose and has become the backbone our helpline operations.

Communications & Design Lead, Indus Action

Project Eklavya’s Helpline – Missed call to Receive an Automated IVR Callback

Any parent that wants to get more information about the RTE act or receive more guidance during the process, all they need to do is give a missed call to Project Eklavya’s helpline number.

The family immediately receives an automated IVR callback. The IVR call reconfirms that they have a child between the ages of 3 and 6. And the IVR also informs them that someone from their support team will get in touch with them in the next 24 hours.

SMS Confirmation

In addition to the automated IVR call, the families also receive an SMS conveying that their call has been registered.

Outbound Call by a Support Executive

In the next 24 hours, a support executive from Indus Action calls the families to help them with any questions they have and help them through the process.

The entire process is powered by Exotel.

What the Future Holds

In the future, Indus Action plans to diversify their public policy initiatives and venture into sanitation, healthcare, and finance. Project Eklavya will expand to all over India in next 3 years, enroll 1 million families and support schools in building their capacity for inclusion. As Project Eklavya expands, they hope to use Exotel more extensively, integrating Exotel deeply into all their tech products.

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