Amnesty uses Exotel to Garner Support for its Campaigns

Case Study

Amnesty uses Exotel to Garner Support for its Campaigns

The Protection of Human Rights Act of 1993 defines human rights as “rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed by the Constitution or embodied in the International Covenants”.
Amnesty International India is an organisation that campaigns for a world in which everyone enjoys human rights. It is a global movement that actively defends and protects the rights of people.

Use Cases that have benefited Amnesty

AI India’s Vision

Their vision is to build a rights-respecting society in India and to mobilise efforts through public support.

A New Thought Process

Amnesty’s work in India is primarily done via campaigns. The human rights defenders, such as CSO’s & Public Sector Organizations view human rights from a different angle. “We need a shift in the way the human rights defenders think”, says Sriram, Manager – Mobilisation, Innovation and Technology. To bring a change in consciousness, Amnesty requires the support of the public. Garnering public support would ultimately help influence & shape the opinions of these human rights activists.

Amnesty’s Campaigning Requirements

Amnesty had two essential needs for their campaigning efforts:
1. A regional approach for their campaigns
2. Massive public participation
Since the internet penetration in India is still in its nascent stage, Amnesty used mobile phones. It would allow them to capture a large audience in a short span of time.

Exotel Powers the Last-mile Connectivity Using a Simple Phone Call

During the initial days, the campaigns exceeded Amnesty’s expectations. They got about two million calls for just one campaign in Tamil Nadu. Knowing that they needed a better solution to handle calls of this volume, they began exploring their options. That’s when Exotel came into the picture.


To support an Amnesty campaign, giving a missed call on the number displayed was all one had to do.
The missed call included the person as a supporter of the campaign. As a part of the system, the supporters went through a journey – typically known as a supporter journey. Through Exotel’s missed call system, Amnesty gained a significant number of supporters & was able to solicit actions from them.


Phone calls are one of the most efficient ways to get in touch with the supporters as well. Amnesty typically reaches their supporters using either an automated IVR flow or an SMS. Using Exotel’s system, they have set up automated calls and SMSes with specific dates and timings. Some of these calls and SMSes solicit actions which are also routed through Exotel.
This loop helps Amnesty keep in touch with supporters and helps them retain their support. Nurturing these supporters could potentially turn them into members.
Amnesty now has over 3 million people in India who extend their principal support. Being one of Exotel’s first clients, Amnesty has grown with Exotel over the years and have been able to reach a large number of people through a simple phone call.


Exotel helps Amnesty make the process of supporter journey extremely efficient. It helps us always keep in touch with our supporters.
We have found that Exotel’s system is very simple and user-friendly. Automation was incredibly easy for us. Without Exotel’s solution we would not have been able to do what we have done in the last three years.
The scale at which we are operating, Exotel has helped us immensely. I would recommend it to peers.

Spokesperson, Amnesty International India

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