How GoMechanic leverages Exotel’s solution to manage sales calls and track marketing ROI

Case Study

How GoMechanic leverages Exotel’s solution to manage sales calls and track marketing ROI


About GoMechanic


GoMechanic is a Delhi-based automobile service and maintenance startup. It aims to be a consistent, reliable and hassle-free car care solution for customers. Transparency is one of their main mantras. Started in 2016, the platform has served more than 1 million car owners and has 215 workshops across India. They aim to have over 1000 workshops by the end of 2021.

Implemented Use Cases

Challenges faced by GoMechanic

Challenge #1
Streamlining sales conversations

GoMechanic generates leads for their platform using various channels. Since the concept of an automobile service platform is fairly new, it is essential for their sales team to have a conversation with potential customers before they get on board.

Since these potential customers came in via different channels, they needed a way to streamline the system to ensure that their sales team reached out to every single one of them.

Solution: Exotel integration with CRM – Click to call for outbound calls
GoMechanic integrated Exotel with their CRM. Using Exotel’s Click to call solution, agents could call the leads in the CRM with a single click.

This integration helped GoMechanic achieve the following:


  1. Make calling more efficient by saving their team the effort of manually entering phone numbers to call
  2. Track all their sales calls to help in training and dispute resolutions
  3. Track status of leads to enable personalisation in their communication

Challenge #2
Measuring Marketing ROI

GoMechanic receives a lot of customer inquiries through calls. This is from customers who are curious to understand how GoMechanic works. They usually call in after seeing GoMechanic’s advertisements in different places like outdoor ads, partner ads, etc. To help understand their most effective marketing channel, GoMechanic tracked calls coming in.

Solution: Virtual numbers to track marketing campaigns
Virtual numbers enable organizations to effortlessly track marketing ROI for offline and online campaigns. Rather than using mobile or landline numbers, GoMechanic decided to utilize virtual numbers.

This allowed them to keep track of all the conversations, including the missed ones.


By using different virtual numbers for all of their marketing campaigns, they were able to calculate the ROI of their campaigns.

We’ve been using Exotel since GoMechanic’s inception. It has really helped us run offline and online campaigns seamlessly. Their prominent support has really helped us scale our communication.
Mayank Dhawan
Assistant Vice President at GoMechanic (CRM, Retail, B2B)

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