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Manage leads for your online marketplace with cloud telephony

Marketplaces need to connect vendors and buyers for a conversation. But there’s a challenge in using their direct numbers as the conversation can move off the platform. This not only affects the monetisation, but the security of both parties involved is also compromised.

Exotel has experience working with top marketplaces like Quikr, Sulekha, UrbanClap, Tokopedia, etc. Here’s how we can help you:

Efficient number management –  Lead Assist, our patented product helps to manage leads competently. What this means for a business is that you do not have to purchase a large pool of numbers. This is a huge cost saver.
Buyer and seller safety –  By using our virtual numbers in place of direct numbers, marketplaces like Quikr has facilitated over 150 million safe and secure conversations.
Monetisation – When buyers and vendors contact each other directly, the business loses its share and relevance. This affects the morale and monetisation of the business.
Evaluate and analyse conversationsTracking connections made between the buyers and sellers, and analysing the patterns to gather insights helps in informed decision making.

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