How Ekart Connects Customers and Delivery Agents

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How Exotel helps Ekart connect their delivery agents and customers while maintaining privacy and offering superior communication

Ekart is India’s largest logistics company, delivering over 10 million shipments a month. It was established in 2009 as the in-house supply chain division of Flipkart. As in 2015, Ekart shipped 85% of products ordered on Flipkart. Ekart, as part of a delivery model, has partnered with around 700 kirana stores from 28 metropolises in the country. Ekart first introduced locker services in stores and supermarkets running for all hours in the country.



Lack of visibility into the last mile operations


Securing customer privacy


No proof of delivery attempt

We spoke to Satish Chugh, Senior Manager- Last Mile Design, Ekart about Ekart’s experience using Exotel.

Why is it important for an ecommerce company to have their own logistics arm?

Last mile delivery is one of the biggest cost factors for an ecommerce company, so optimizing it internally helps to control cost.

In India, e-commerce logistics constitute 10 percent of the AOV (Average Order Value) which is ~ $2/order.

How did your relationship with Exotel start?

Exotel participated in a hackathon where our developer team used their APIs and they helped us in masking the customer’s number from the delivery personnel.


Can you tell us how Exotel helps you connect delivery agents with your customers?

We are aware of the agents who are going to deliver a day before the delivery. Now, let’s say if an agent wants to speak to the customer, they have to log in to their Ekart app and click on the call button placed next to the customer’s name. A call will be originated from their number and a PIN (few digits) will be passed, Ekart will use this information to trace the customer and the associated agent, and send a request to Exotel to call the customer’s number.

Last mile delivery is one of the biggest cost factors for an ecommerce company, so optimizing it internally helps to control cost.

Satish Chugh
Senior Manager- Last Mile Design, Ekart

How has this helped you retain customers or improve your brand image?

Bridge conferencing (Customer Connect) has offered us many benefits, one of them being – saving time and money by removing the need to travel to meet the end consumer, while also improving business productivity and collaboration.

How has number masking helped Ekart?

It not only shields the customer phone number but also gives us an insight into how our delivery agents conduct themselves with customers. This helps in handling escalations, false delivery attempts etc.

How has using Exotel to connect delivery agents to customers helped you operationally? Has the call before the delivery become a standard operating procedure?

Using Exotel to connect delivery agents and customers ensures a flawless connection and reliable service. Sensitive data remains secure thanks to calling security. It is the next level of collaboration and communication.
Yes, a call from the delivery agent to the customer has become the custom.


How has your experience with Exotel been?

From the very beginning, the experience of working with Exotel as a call bridge service partner has been phenomenal.

Very supportive and understanding staff who have lived up to every expectations, and at times exceeded them too.
Satish Chugh
Senior Manager- Last Mile Design, Ekart

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