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Case Study

UMS Tech Labs has found power in integrating Google Apps & Cloud Telephony

A young team of tech enthusiasts from Nashik have found their expertise by stumbling across how powerful Google Applications integrations for clients with telephony is and are taking the possibilities to another level.


Shashank Todwal is a young entrepreneur who decided to start UMS Tech Labs after stumbling across Entrepreneurship and opportunities to build something of his own from his days at BITS Pilani-Goa campus. He had fortified his experience in Google Apps and soon was a certified developer and reseller of Google applications and one by one picking up customers, he decided to build his own company from his very own hometown Nashik. Their forte lies in building Cloud-based solutions for their customers.

How did you stumble across Exotel?

I was and am still a technology consultant for a company which was looking to use a telephony solution for their requirements. I was searching and came across Exotel, started playing around with the product, and really liked the features and dashboard. After suggesting it to my client realized that there are a lot of possibilities by the Exotel platform and kept on exploring and trying new things. After a conversation with Shivku, we realized we wanted to partner further and work with Exotel with some of our customers and slowly it built up from there.

What would be the revenue & customer % increase growth you have seen since you started to work with Exotel?

Revenue wise we have seen a 40% increase thanks to Exotel, and customer-wise around 80% growth via Exotel’s platform, that are good numbers, but we feel there is a lot more possible.

What have been the learnings for you and your company? What do you enjoy about working with Exotel and why would you recommend it to other possible partners?

Let’s break that into 3 parts:

We as a company have really learnt how to tackle larger problems of scalability, reliability and get deep into architecture level solutions to your customers’ issues, which has helped all of us grow as individuals and us as a company.

The exciting part about working with the Exotel app bazaar is the possibility of talking to new businesses, ventures, owners who all are so smart in their own way and typically the Exotel customers, if I may say so, are really not as painful, they value technology and the effort we put in, and define their requirements very well. It’s a pleasure to work with such companies.

“The reason to recommend anyone to work with Exotel as a partner is simple, it comes down to the people and kind of technology you guys have built. Being in Nashik allow us to pass our reduced cost benefit to our customers but, working with Exotel, makes us literally feel we are in Bangalore.”


The most exciting thing though is yet to be seen by any of us, the further unfolding of the app bazaar and endless possibilities of providing customers simple applications to solve their problems across telephony, CRM’s, ERP’s etc. We at UMS Tech Labs are very keen on capitalizing on this app bazaar opportunity. Who knew that a combination of Google Apps & Exotel would help solve real business problems!We would like to thank Shashank and his team for being such great partners and their customer page is growing consistently – check it out!

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