How GamesKraft uses Exotel to Reduce their Support Queries by 20%

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How GamesKraft uses Exotel to Reduce their Support Queries by 20%


About GamesKraft


Gameskraft was launched in 2017 by a group of gaming enthusiasts with extensive experience in technology. Their goal is to build the most-loved gaming ecosystem of India, one game at a time. Over the last three years, it has become one of the fastest-growing skill gaming startups in India, with millions of registered users on their online skill gaming platforms including RummyCulture, Gamezy, and Playship. While crafting these products, Gamektraft ensures their games are completely safe, secure, and ethical.


Gameskraft debuted with their first-ever product, RummyCulture – which is a skill-based online rummy platform. When they first began, they needed a flexible and reliable customer communication platform to support their customers. That’s when they started looking for a cloud telephony solution and found Exotel.

Using Outbound Calls to Engage With Their Customers

When Gameskraft first started getting signups on their cash rummy platform, it was essential for them to nurture these leads and engage with each person. This was to make sure that their customers weren’t experiencing any difficulties in playing the game, or while adding and withdrawing cash, etc. For this, they primarily used voice calls. All of these were powered by Exotel. These outbound calls helped them:


  1. Engage with customers proactively
  2. Increase engagement on their platform

Supporting Customers with a Cloud Call Centre Setup

Gameskraft has been using Exotel to power their support calls since the beginning. In this time, their call volumes have grown tremendously. To streamline support queries, they’ve now integrated Exotel with their HelpDesk software, FreshDesk. With Exotel’s cloud call center platform and APIs, they were able to segment the most common queries and automate the response to these queries using an IVR. Over the last three years, Exotel has helped them:


  1. Scale without worrying about volumes or infrastructure
  2. Ensure they never miss a call
  3. Prioritize calls from high-value players
  4. Use automation and IVR to reduce 20% of their support queries
  5. Enable their agents to work remotely

Click-to-Call Support for Premium Customers

Each premium customer on RummyCulture is assigned an account manager. The customers can call them directly via the app. This is enabled using Exotel’s click-to-call API. This helps Gameskraft ensure that premium players get their queries resolved as soon as possible.

Any fast-paced organisation like ours requires a lot of flexibility, which is exactly what Exotel’s customised APIs provide. One of the biggest reasons we work with Exotel is because they give us the flexibility to implement things swiftly and our way.
Prashant Sharma
VP, Customer Experience, Gameskraft
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