How ACT uses Exotel to decrease their average customer response time by 60%

Case Study

How ACT uses Exotel to decrease their average customer response time by 60%


About ACT


ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies Limited) is India’s third-largest internet broadband service provider. They serve over 1.7 million customers across 19 cities and towns in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi. They aim to become the most admired in-home entertainment, education, and interactive services company.

Implemented Use Cases

Decreasing response time and tracking agent efficiency

Data shows that shorter response time is critical for superior customer experience. Organisations constantly work on reducing their first response time. ACT faced a similar challenge.


ACT receives a significant number of sales inquiries every day through various sources including the web and their mobile application.


To ensure the sales agents offer these prospective customers a good experience, ACT wanted their agents to reach them at the earliest. In order to measure their efforts, they needed to:







1. Track response times
2. Monitor the quality of the conversations




They wanted a system that could track sales communication and provide relevant insights.

Solution – Click to call integration with their sales CRM

To track their sales communication, ACT uses Exotel’s Click to Call solution. Agents can trigger calls by clicking on the call button in the CRM. A call is triggered (from a virtual number) to the agent first. Once the agent picks up, the customer is connected as well.


Since all the calls are routed through virtual numbers, ACT can track their sales conversations. They are able to track data like response time, the number of calls placed, and average call length, etc. a breeze. This data directly helps them in tracking agent performance and improving their conversion rates. Apart from tracking, they also utilise call recordings to maintain the quality of service and to train new agents.

After implementing the solution, ACT reduced its average customer response time from 8 hours to 3 hours (almost 60% decrease). Overall it helped them to provide their customers with a better experience and bring sales efficiency.

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