How Reliance Nippon Life uses Exotel to boost its service quality

  • April 18, 2023
  • 3 mins read

About Reliance Nippon

Reliance Nippon Life is one of India’s leading life insurance companies in India, primarily offering products for individuals and groups across four main segments: protection, children, retirement and investment plans. As part of the Reliance Capital holding company, it took its current name after Japanese-based Nippon Life acquired a 49% stake in the company. Reliance Nippon Life has a strong track record with its sales growth, repeat business, and the way claims are handled.


Before the pandemic, the renewals department at Reliance Nippon Life used a traditional phone-line system connecting up to 1,250+ agents across 713 branches (as of 31st March 2021) and a few dedicated call centres across the country.

When the pandemic made work from home mandatory for sectors like insurance, the organization needed a digital, anywhere-available telephony solution to offer the freedom to work from home.

Reliance Nippon Life’s requirements

While sales are the oxygen of a business, existing customers are the lifeblood that keeps it thriving. Payment of renewal premiums is essential for customers to keep their policies active and to ensure that their insurance coverages address unfavourable life events.

Many customers needed reminders to pay their renewal premiums on time. And Reliance Nippon Life knew the importance of getting communications at the renewals department back in action at the earliest. Before that, they put in specific requirements as they began to look for a competent cloud communication solution.

  1. Easy setup and adoption
  2. Adapt telephony operations for the renewals teams to keep productivity levels at pre-pandemic levels.
  3. Deliver uptime even during high call-volume periods
  4. High service quality levels among teams

Here is a glimpse into how they met their requirements using Exotel.


Dip in productivity & risk of onboarding inefficiencies


Exotel’s reasonably met their expectations, including improving their support team’s productivity and efficiency scores. Let’s unpack this:

1. Call reliability:

The institution needed a solution that could not only provide great call quality, uptime and platform security, but also one that could support any surge in call volume that may come about through the year.

Given cloud telephony was a new technology to us, we were initially apprehensive of call quality levels when we started using it. But from the start, quality levels have stayed the same, if not more. We directly attribute it to Exotel’s promise of 99+% uptime and reliability despite peak calls volumes. The platform has been maintaining SLAs despite the unique challenges our support division has thrown at it.

Srinivasan Iyengar
Chief Operating Officer, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance

2. Implementation

Having a rapid setup process given the overnight shift to remote working was an implied expectation right from the get-go. Renewal premiums are a lifeline of any life insurance player. Any delays would have had impacted Reliance Nippon Life’s top line and would have expired customers policies, especially those willing to continue using their services.

A new solution always comes with risks in terms of speed of integration, UX for agents, and meeting SLAs. Our experience with Exotel was quite inspiring and our agents could adapt to the new process naturally.
Srinivasan Iyengar
Chief Operating Officer, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance


Using Exotel’s contact centre solution was critical for our business continuity at a time when enterprise operations switched overnight. They helped us early during the journey to handle and track a surge in call volume by configuring the server backend. In fact, their support executives went above and beyond to make this happen. Today, we have augmented our data-driven approach using Exotel to share and manage inputs for agents to reach desired outcomes. It allows us to identify areas of improvement and strengths.
Srinivasan Iyengar
Chief Operating Officer, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance