BluSmart Witnesses

80% Improvement in Connectivity Rates with Exotel’s Connected Customer Conversation Platform

About Blu Smart

Making ride-hailing more sustainable for the environment, passengers, and drivers

BluSmart is India’s first electric ride-hailing services app that operates differently from other known apps on the market. Instead of simply connecting riders with independent drivers, BluSmart leases electric vehicles from manufacturers, owns and operates the vehicles themselves, and hires its own drivers. This “full stack” approach gives the company complete ownership and control over its fleet and removes the burden of owning an asset for drivers.

This sustainable approach to commuting has helped BluSmart save 8,000 metric tonnes of CO2 till now.

BluSmart Witnesses 80% Improvement in Connectivity Rates with Exotel’s Connected Customer Conversation Platform

Intelligent and sustainable mobility

Fleet of Saved
3000 EVs 8000 metric tonnes of CO2


Challenge and Solutions

Poor Connectivity and Integrations, leading to:

- Call drops

- Low call connectivity rates

- Poor CRM Integration

BluSmart encountered numerous challenges with their previous vendor, including low connectivity rates and frequent downtimes. As if that weren't enough, the weak integration with their internal CRM posed an additional hurdle, resulting in inconsistent customer communication data.

Top notch quality with customized solution

1. Driver <> Dispatch connect

Exotel’s intelligent call routing solution reduces delays and prevents call drops as calls get routed to the right dispatch teams.

2. Rider-Driver Communication with TrueCaller

With authentic brand representation on their calling screen, riders know when a BluSmart driver is calling, thereby strengthening BluSmart’s brand identity.

3. Improving Customer Experience (CX) through CRM Support

Exotel's click-to-call integration allows customer support agents to make calls directly from the helpdesk tool.

4. Protecting Customer and Driver Privacy through Driver Connect

Calls between customers and drivers are masked with a one-time virtual number, ensuring secure communication and providing peace of mind.

"We like the phenomenal support from Exotel with fast turnaround times. The product flexibility with the liberty to make changes ourselves is a time saver and a great value addition. It has been a wonderful time working with Exotel, and looking forward to growing together.”

Madhur Pahuja

Head of Customer Satisfaction - BluSmart