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Easing the business of making customers happy

The hospitality business is a blink and miss one. Missing a call or failing to satisfy a customer is not an option. This is also an industry where word-of-mouth (or the word on the internet) plays a very big role in the customers’ decision.
While a lot of the travel research has moved to the internet, most customers still want to speak to someone at reservations before they decide on a booking. This call, therefore, becomes very critical for the business. And with Exotel, businesses can rest assured that their business phone system is in reliable hands.

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Easy customer support – With Exotel, you can have a single number for all your customer queries with automated IVR guidance and a smart routing system to transfer calls to the right department (front desk, agents, etc.).
Automated reminder and feedback system – You can run campaigns to ensure that customers do not miss planning for their stay and also collect feedback via automated calls and SMS
Operational improvement – You can use call recordings to train agents better with real time situations. It is also a great way to ensure that the quality of service the customers are getting are upto the mark. You can also use the detailed call reports to get your staffing right and make sure that the front desk has adequate staff during peak hours.
Measure marketing ROI – You can use virtual numbers on your marketing collaterals to track and understand which medium works better for your business and improve your ROI based on this information.

Some Customer Success Stories

How Bawa Hotels using Exotel improved their call handling which resulted in a 30% increase in revenues.

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By Using Exotel Mango mist were able to answer every single call and this gave them a better image.

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Automated Calls vs SMS Reminders why calls win

Automated Calls vs SMS Reminders: Why calls win

Millennials might prefer SMS over calls, but statistics prove that when it comes to reminders, calls reigns supreme. A reminder SMS is bound to get lost in our inbox that is already swamped with text messages.
This white paper helps understand the unique ways in which automated calls can be used for reminders.

Boosting Customer Experience for Legacy Systems Through Automation

A leading online ticketing platform cuts 60% of its cost simply by automating the incoming support center on top of existing legacy systems. This layer of automation has helped them cut down on the workforce by 30 agents, and also provide quicker and better customer experience.

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