How Netmeds uses Exotel To Protect The Privacy of its Customers

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How Netmeds uses Exotel To Protect The Privacy of its Customers


About Netmeds


Netmeds is a licensed e-pharma portal that offers authenticated prescription and over the counter (OTC) medicine along with other health products in India. Founded in 2015, this online pharmacy was recently acquired by Reliance in August 2020.

Regulation and data privacy requirements in the healthcare sector

The telemedicine industry has rapidly grown in the past few months due to the pandemic. More and more consultations are being conducted online, or over phone calls. While things may be becoming easier and more accessible for both patients and doctors, the platforms that are making it happen have to do all of this under a lot of regulations.


Netmeds has been facilitating teleconsultations for a while now. When they first began, they needed a reliable way to connect doctors and patients without compromising on either person’s privacy. That’s when they started looking for a cloud telephony solution.

Click-to-Call for connecting doctors and patients

Netmeds has a mobile app and a web interface that patients can use to book appointments. Each doctor can see their appointments once they log in to their account, along with relevant details about the patient. When an appointment is about to begin, the doctor is sent an SMS reminder. All they have to do then is go to the portal and click on the call button next to each appointment to start the phone consultation. This is powered by Exotel.


The Netmeds app has integrated Exotel’s click-to-call API and every time a doctor clicks on the call button, they get connected to the patient via a phone call.

Number masking to protect the privacy of customers & doctors

To safeguard the privacy of doctors and patients, Netmeds masks the contact number of both parties from one another. As explained above, all a doctor has to do is click on the call button to initiate a phone consultation and neither party can see each other’s phone number. Here’s how it works:

Call Tracking for SLA compliance monitoring

When an appointment is booked, Netmeds is mandated to ensure that the doctor calls a patient at the right time. The Netmeds team uses Exotel’s call tracking data to verify whether the call was made and the consultation actually happened. All of these details are updated live in their dashboard via Exotel’s integration. This helps them ensure that everything is smooth and allows them to intervene in case a doctor forgets to call a patient well in time.

Call Recording for Dispute Resolution

Netmeds can only send medicines to patients if a prescription is generated, and a prescription can only be generated when there’s a consultation. To protect themselves from any legal issues and disputes with the customer in case an issue is raised, it is essential for Netmeds to maintain a recording of the consultation. With Exotel, they are able to record each call automatically. This ensures that they are able to protect themselves from any legal issues.

Exotel’s APIs are easy to use and extremely beneficial for us. Using Exotel, we were able to automate a lot of call monitoring & tracking that we previously had to do manually. One of the best things about working with Exotel is the cooperation from the support team and my account manager – they are able to help us out with anything instantly!
Tom George
Team Lead, Operations, Netmeds

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