How HealthifyMe saw a 5x increase in their coaches efficiency with Exotel

Case Study

How HealthifyMe saw a 5x increase in their coaches’ efficiency with Exotel


About HealthifyMe


HealthifyMe is Asia’s largest health and fitness application. They provide services such as calorie tracking, one-on-one nutrition & fitness coaching, and AI-powered diet and workout plans. Their in-house team of certified nutritionists, fitness trainers, doctors, and yoga coaches have serviced over 15 million users on their platform.

Importance of a Scalable Customer Communication Channel

HealthifyMe uses different channels to engage with their users. Out of all the channels, calling is at the heart of their communication. They utilise it for everything, from sales to customer retention.


In the beginning, HealthifyMe used personal mobile numbers for customer communication. While it did the job, they knew it wasn’t scalable. They needed a platform that could help them get more visibility on the calls while maintaining privacy. That’s when they discovered Exotel.

Click to Call Solution to Power Customer Calls

Exotel is directly integrated with HealthifyMe’s in-house web-based CRM. All the calls are directly made from the CRM itself. This is powered by our click to call integration. In addition to India, they also use Exotel to power international calls in Singapore and Malaysia region.

Let us see how HealthifyMe uses calls at different stages of the customer lifecycle and its results –


1. Converting Trial Users into Paid Customers


HealthifyMe knows that connecting with customers personally is very effective in converting trial users into paid customers. In order to achieve this, both their in-house sales team and sales coaches call customers to understand their expectations from the platform and make relevant suggestions about how HealthifyMe can help them. All this communication is powered by Exotel.




  • Greater visibility into customer conversations  
  • Ability to track the performance of agents and teams

2. Consultation


Depending upon the plan a user chooses they are allocated a certain number of consultations. During these consultations, they discussed their progress and plan with the coaches. Routing these calls via Exotel gave HealthifyMe insights about how they could improve the productivity of their coaches.




  • After analysing the call recordings, the first step they took was to answer all the frequently asked questions in the application itself. This helped keep the calls shorter. They also found that on average, customers were speaking for 15-20 mins. Hence they decided to keep their consultation time slots to 15 minutes. Within two years of implementing the solution, their coaches were able to serve up to 250 customers which were five times more compared to earlier.
  • HealthifyMe’s QA team regularly analyses call recordings and scores the coaches accordingly. If a coach’s score is low, they are put through training to help improve their client interaction. This helps ensure a high quality of service.
  • Since all the calls are routed through a virtual number, it protects the privacy of both parties. Additionally, it removes any chances of lead leakage.

3. Customer Feedback 


The customer delight team proactively reaches out to customers for feedback. Using Exotel helps them track customer feedback and implement changes where necessary. 


4. Renewal Team 


When a customer’s plan is about to expire, the HealthifyMe team calls them up to remind them about renewing their plan. This has been effective in reducing the churn rate.

Integrating with Exotel was one of the best decisions we had taken while scaling up which helped our coaches maintain privacy and improved our quality of services.
Having good relationship managers helped us navigate this through easily over the last few years.

Swati Bajaj
Principal Product Manager
HealthifyMe improved agents performance with Exotels solution

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