DocEngage uses Exotel for seamless integration and internal communication

Case Study

DocEngage leverages Exotel for seamless CRM integration and customer communication

Every hospital claims to be customer-centric, but very few deliver on this promise. This is because hospitals are unable to match customer expectations despite having the best medical facilities and doctors.
Healthcare is one of India’s largest sectors- both in terms of revenue and employment. With such a burgeoning scene, this sector is set to undergo a positive change in terms of technology.


About DocEngage

DocEngage is a healthcare CRM (HCRM ) built to provide world-class patient engagement, communication, and marketing for hospitals and healthcare organizations. 

The founders of DocEngage saw a real need for a holistic and simple HCRM. The existing software in the market has a lot of manual intervention, communication gaps, and is not automated. It is also complex and difficult to use.

DocEngage is one of the few software that has an electronic health record (EHR) and CRM components integrated within a single software.

– The challenge was to find a reliable and scalable telephony platform to integrate into their CRM
– They were also on the lookout for a telephony platform for internal communication and to reach their customers i.e., hospitals and doctors


DocEngage approached Exotel 6 years ago. We checked all their boxes- simple APIs for seamless integration, best SMS delivery rates, call alert feature- to improve customer experience.

They started off using Exotel with SMS services, sending around 15000 SMS per month. Impressed with the delivery rates, they moved on to using incoming call center solution and call campaigns. Since then, they’ve used other Exotel offerings like SMS API, Call campaigns, Missed Call campaigns, Bulk SMS API, Call API, etc.

DocEngage and Exotel have a great working relationship for 6 years now

During the pilot phase, they saw how easy and quick it was to set up and use, so they integrated Exotel into their HCRM. How does this help their customers? Well, now there is no need for customers to maintain a separate telephony account. They just have to subscribe to Exotel services and can use and manage all of Exotel’s features from DocEngage’s CRM.

Once subscribed, customers (hospitals or clinics, in this case) use Exotel to manage their incoming and outgoing calls, send appointment reminders and clinical information.

For instance, by integrating telephony and the HCRM, a hospital will be able to easily identify patient history from the incoming phone number and ask them if they want to follow up with the last appointment or consult another doctor. They can then send an SMS to confirm the appointment and follow up with a reminder SMS close to the date. This will reduce patient no-shows by 50%. After the appointment, they can request feedback from the patient using automated calls or SMS.

This integration not only reduces the time spent by the patient talking to the agent/receptionist but also is a WOW factor, as it greatly improves their experience with the hospital.

It’s a thumbs up from DocEngage for Exotel.

Exotel is very simple to integrate. The APIs are structured, simple and easy to integrate. SMS delivery is rate is quick. Integration with features such as incoming call & outgoing calls and screen pop-up makes our CRM more powerful. We have observed an improvement in our customer experience after using Exotel.
Asha Satapathy
Founder & CEO, DocEngage

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