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The one place no one wants to compromise on communication is healthcare. Keeping the patient in the loop at all times is necessary for a tension-free experience. It keeps the institution, care giver and patient at ease.

Some popular solutions from Exotel for healthcare sector:

Easy customer support system – With Exotel, you can create and power a single number for all your customer queries with automated IVR guidance and a smart routing system to transfer calls to your agents. You can even transfer calls to the right doctors or departments based on the user’s inputs.
Automated reminders and feedback system – You can reduce patient no-shows with automated call and sms reminders. You can also collect feedback from the patients after every visit via calls and SMS.
Keep patient records updated – You can integrate your HIMS with our system and keep your patient records updated with details of the patient interaction.
Automated reminder calls for collection of samples and reports – An automated reminder call to the customer 30mins before the appointment time is the best way to ensure patients are ready. Same is the case with report collection. An automated call is an easy way to let the customer know that they can pick up the reports.
Safeguarding customer privacy – You can connect doctors, lab technicians, and other personnel to your customers without revealing their phone number when you route calls via Exotel. This plays a big role in boosting customer confidence as well.

Popular Use Cases

  • Customer call center
  • Number masking
  • Automated calls & SMS
  • Custom Integrations

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Cloud Telephony for the Healthcare Sector

As the number of healthcare consumers increase daily, the conventional hospital phone systems are simply not sufficient for patient support. This whitepaper gives a deep insight into how cloud telephony is helping in tranforming patient communication in the healthcare industry.

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