Neat Meats – Built with Exotel

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Neat Meats – Built with Exotel

Neat Meats is an online platform that delivers fresh cut, hygienic, tasty meat to the doorstep of their customers at affordable prices.

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When it comes to fresh grocery, shopping in person has always been the norm. Think of the same scenario when you have to buy meat. Just think of entering that butcher store that is filthy, damp and smells atrocious. The thought itself makes you flinch. To avoid all of this, you go to a supermarket that sells you frozen, tasteless meat that was probably cut a day or two earlier. It makes you cringe, but you do it because it’s always better than entering a butcher shop.

But what if you had a third option?

Neat Meats has introduced a new way to buy meat. Like everything else that’s moved online, Neat meats too has followed this path. With the click of a button, customers can now get fresh, hygienic and tasty meat delivered to their doorstep at affordable prices.

The inception of Neat Meats

Having been in the retail space for the last 20 years, Mihir Tiwari, Co-founder, Neat Meats, had always known that he wanted to start something of his own. Upon looking closely, Mihir realized that there was a gap in the fresh meat market that no one was addressing because it was a niche category. And so, Mihir and his partners decided to venture into this space.

The need for a phone system

When Neat Meats initially started operations, they came across multifarious challenges ranging from maintaining low delivery cost to handling logistics. At that juncture, having an inbound call center was not even on the cards as the founders handled the incoming calls on their phones.

As the business grew, there were more important tasks that Mihir, as a founder, needed to take care of. It was then that Mihir decided he needed a better way to handle their customer calls – both incoming and outgoing. Mihir wondered if he could outsource call handling. But having technology take over seemed like a wiser option. That’s how the idea of using a phone system came into being. “Post this, we did some research online and stumbled upon Exotel,” said Mihir.

How Neat Meats uses Exotel

Although all orders are taken online, Neat Meats gets a significant number of calls in the form of queries of different sorts from customers. After finding Exotel, Mihir set up a designated team to handle customer calls using Exotel.

Exotel seemed easy to use, and so we started off on Exotel’s Startup Pack. The free pack worked wonderfully for us, so we continued with Exotel from there on
Mihir Tiwari
Founder, Neat Meats.

The Exotel startup pack is a free Exotel account offered by us to early-stage startups. We know what it is like to be a struggling startup and this is our way of giving back to the ecosystem.

This startup pack has all the features of a full paid Exotel account. And startups can use this to streamline customer communication and automate calls and SMS with our APIs.

Neat Meats applied to for a free startup pack account. And with a free account, they were able to set up a team to manage incoming calls and give their customers a better experience without having to worry about overheads

The Outcome

Since the start, Mihir and his team saw the benefits of using Exotel.

1. Easy to set up

The Exotel account was easy to set up. They were able to set up and test the product completely without spending too much time on it!

“Exotel’s product was super easy to setup, with simple & intuitive call flows. We were able to do everything, including small things such as customizing call recordings and linking my personal number to Exotel’s technology. It was all great to use”


2. Focus on other tasks:

In the beginning, Mihir used to worry about missing calls when he was busy. With Exotel, he has been able to put in place a system to address that. He has a team of 5 who handle calls via Exotel. Since the daily call reports give him all the information he needs to know, he is able to focus on other tasks.

3. Training:

Exotel’s recordings help train the employees at Neat Meats. “I record all my conversations so that for instance if my product head is not there I can give him the feedback the customer gives me from the recording”, says Mihir.

Overall, Exotel has been a fantastic tool to use. It has made our operations easier and more efficient. We started off from day one with Exotel. We haven’t had a day without Exotel. Everything got built around Exotel and it has been a great journey so far.


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