How Epigamia set up a remote support centre for their D2C platform in 20 minutes

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How Epigamia set up a remote support centre for their D2C platform in 20 minutes


About Epigamia


In 500-400 BC, ancient Athens designated the legal right of inter-marrying into another city-state -‘Epigamia’. This term was used to formalise relationships between people of different nations. The marriage of two different civilisations is the essence of Epigamia, as it has a very Indian DNA despite being Greek Yogurt. Yoghurt is a widely consumed dairy product in India. They took that and managed to bring out its full potential by straining it to boost the protein content and infusing it with real fruits.


With innovation as fuel, they have constantly been pushing boundaries by crafting contemporary versions of traditional foods – fresh, tasty, preservative-free, and most importantly – do not compromise on taste. Launched in 2015 as India’s first Greek yoghurt brand, Epigamia is currently available in 30 SKUs under Greek Yogurt, Artisanal Curd, Snack Pack, Mishti Doi, Smoothies, Spreads – made with Ghee, Plant-based Coconut Milk Yogurt and Almond Milk. The brand retails across approximately 12,000 touchpoints in 25 towns. The company has grown by 40% in FY20 and expects similar growth in the coming fiscal year.

Importance of a D2C communication channel

Epigamia relied heavily on physical retail stores, restaurants, kiosks, etc to distribute their products. But after the pandemic, most of these channels were disrupted, resulting in a decrease in revenue. However, they kept getting queries from customers on social media who wanted to buy their products but could not do so because of product unavailability. To cater to these customers and reach out to more people during the pandemic, Epigamia decided to launch its direct-to-consumer platform online.


When they first launched the D2C platform, they didn’t have a customer support department in place. It was just one person taking care of all customer queries, but soon, it became unmanageable. The number of calls started increasing and they realised that they need a proper customer support team to keep up with the queries. When they onboarded a customer support team, they also started looking for a call centre solution. That’s when they found Exotel.

Enabling Remote Support Team with Virtual Call Centre Solution

Epigamia set up a call flow and onboarded their support team using Exotel. The whole process took 20 minutes – all they had to do was get their support agents a mobile phone and they could start taking calls right away. With Exotel, Epigamia was able to:



  • Instantly set up a remote support call centre 
  • Manage high volume calls reliably
  • Ensure that they never miss a call

Scaling reliably across different cities of India with Exotel

Epigamia is rapidly growing and they’re enabling their D2C platform in more & more cities. With Exotel, they don’t have to worry about the increase in call volumes or calls from different cities, all of which are taken care of by Exotel. Currently, Epigamia handles calls from the following cities using Exotel:


  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Chandigarh
  • Lucknow
  • Pune
  • Ahmedabad
  • Kochi
  • Indore

Gaining flexibility to make changes on the go with Exotel

Since Epigamia is growing rapidly, they modify and improve their processes and call flows frequently. With Exotel’s user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboard, they’re able to make the following changes on the go, without the help of a technician:


  • Modify the IVR flow as required
  • Change the greeting message to specify working hours and working days

Using call recordings for quality control

Since their customer support department is relatively new, Epigamia uses Exotel’s call recording feature to onboard, train and track agents’ performance. Each call made is automatically recorded via Exotel. This recording can easily be accessed from the dashboard and Epigamia uses this to make sure the agents’ responses are professional and helpful.

When I first started using Exotel, I had a lot of questions and was still getting used to the dashboard. The support team was very, very helpful with that – I’ve called them up at 8 am or 11 pm and each time they’ve been more than willing to help me out with anything. I usually receive replies to my emails within 15 minutes!
Tanvi Gangwar
Media and PR Head, Drums Food International
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