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Exotel helps Numberz with customer acquisition

Numberz is a cash-flow management company founded by Aditya Tulsian , Baskar Ganapathy and Rajeev Chari. Started in July 2015, Numberz helps small businesses with a bunch of daily tasks.

Use case They Use:

Business owners are constantly faced with difficult, often paralysing, choices. Right from the get-go, founders are forced to decide the hows, whens and the wheres of everyday business functioning. One of the biggest battles startups face today is handling their finances. The highly jargonized world of finance leaves little room for error, especially in the day-to-day cash flow management. Businesses are constantly stressing about their payment and expense management.So how do businesses ensure their finances are handled properly, within the four walls of the office?

Fortunately, companies like Numberz (previously known as Get Fiscal) have now made the lives of startups easier.

1. Manage their day-to-day cash flows:
Numberz provides companies with a software that they can use to manage their receivables and payables easily. Companies can now manage their invoices, connect to their bank, and manage their expenses, all in the click of a button.2. Obtain working capital:
Numberz also has a plethora of investors on their corporate platform. This platform ensures that the working capital needs of startups are met. Startups now have access to advances against their invoices, making day-to-day functioning smooth.Aditya and his team began using Exotel’s startup pack right from their nascent stages. Here’s how they’ve implemented Exotel’s solution:

Customer acquisition

Phone calls have always been a major customer acquisition channel for Numberz. Right from the beginning, Aditya Tulsian and his team knew that getting a phone system to the streamline their process was imperative. Today, Aditya and his team use Exotel’s phone system to:

1. Make outbound calls (Cold calls):

Aditya’s customer acquisition team uses Exotel to makes outbound calls to customers. Exotel’s phone system allows multiple agents to make calls simultaneously and also allows the call to be recorded.

2. Receive inbound calls:

The Numberz team gets calls from prospective clients on the Exotel number displayed on their website. These leads are then further nurtured by the Business Development Managers who eventually aim to convert them into customers.

How it helped

Exotel’s system helped Aditya and his team streamline the process of communication. Having a phone system that allows employees to make and receive calls from anywhere ensured that the customer acquisition at Numberz is always available.


With Exotel, each call made immediately gets recorded in the system. These call recordings are then used by employees to train the newbies in the firm.
Every time someone joins the Numberz team, they are asked to listen to recordings of experienced employees. After the newly trained employee gets on a call himself, he is then made to listen to his own call and see what the difference between the two recordings is.

How it helped

Numberz now has a new, easy and systematic way to train its new employees. Employees can now judge how their work is for themselves and figure out areas of improvement.

Transferring information

With recordings easily available, the pre-sales team at Numberz no longer has to brief the Business Development Managers (BDM) on what has been explained and what hasn’t. All the tele-caller has to do is warm the lead and pass it to the BDM. The BDM can just listen to the recording and hear what happened in the conversation.

How it helped

The communication process at Numberz has now become more efficient. The BDM can now quickly access what happened in the previous call without having to constantly ask the pre-sales team what happened.

“At this stage, the call recordings are very critical because the BDM can then understand what has already been spoken about and what needs to be covered. He can now immediately decide how he wants to go about selling the product. It has made the job of a BDM quick and efficient!”


Tracking the quality of customer interaction

Since recordings are available on Exotel’s dashboard, it is now very easy to keep track of the agent’s calls. The managers can now hear what each employee is saying and how he is saying it, thereby making it easy to track productivity.

How it helped

“This call recording feature has brought in a lot of discipline into the system. The agents now know that they can’t goof around and so it keeps them in check”, says Aditya.

Three reasons why Exotel gets brownie points:

Here’s what Aditya had to say:

– Getting started with Exotel was super easy! Each time I use Exotel, I find the usability fantastic. It’s simple, it’s neat, and it’s intuitive.

– The support we’ve received from Exotel is fabulous. I’d give you guys a 9 out of 10.

“Exotel is a great efficiency tool. If Exotel ceases to exist, my company will get hit. It will definitely impact my company’s efficiency”


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