How Zerodha set up a remote support centre within three hours using Exotel

Case Study

How Zerodha set up a remote support centre within three hours using Exotel


About Zerodha


Zerodha is one of the biggest financial services companies in India. Their primary offerings are retail broking, institutional broking, mutual funds, bonds, and more. During the pandemic, their customer base grew rapidly and Zerodha is now the biggest stockbroking platform in India with the most number of active retail clients.

Before using Exotel to power their customer calls, Zerodha had an on-prem system in place for their support team. When the pandemic struck, they needed a way to quickly move to a remote model. That’s when they found Exotel.


Zerodha’s Requirements:


  1. Enable remote work for their support team with a solution that can 
    • support high call volumes and 
    • scale rapidly
  2. Track customer calls to ensure best practices are being followed
  3. Safeguard customers’ contact information


Here’s how they were able to meet all of these requirements using Exotel:

Problem #1

Enable Remote Work for Zerodha’s support team



When Zerodha first set out to look for a cloud call centre, they were looking for the following:


1. Speed of implementation:


Zerodha needed to make a quick transition to a remote call centre. Time was of the essence and they couldn’t afford to not provide support to their customers or to put their employees at risk. Exotel helped them make the transition seamlessly.

It took us only two to three hours to configure the IVR, add agents to the dashboard and start taking calls.
Linekar Lawrence
Network and system administrator, Zerodha

2. Ease of use:


They needed a platform that allowed them to make changes on the go and was easy to use. Exotel was the perfect fit for them.

We evaluated two other cloud telephony vendors before choosing Exotel because of how easy and simple it is to use, and because they offered the fastest turnaround times. With other vendors, every minor change took a lot of back and forth and was time-consuming. Using Exotel, we could do everything ourselves, instantly..
Linekar Lawrence
Network and system administrator, Zerodha

3. Scalability:


Since their customer base was growing rapidly, their support call volumes went through the roof. Zerodha needed to ensure that they were moving to a reliable and scalable cloud telephony platform. They were able to do this using Exotel.

While using PRIs we could only handle a limited number of calls at the same time, but with Exotel, we don’t have a limit. We sometimes see double the usual call volumes and Exotel handles it all seamlessly.
Lindo Paul
Business analyst, Zerodha

Zerodha’s support team has been fully remote for the past year. With Exotel, they’ve been able to tend to each and every incoming query without worrying about call drops/scale. They’re also able to change the call flows in real-time to manage volumes better.

Using Exotel, I can make changes to the call flow in real-time to manage call volumes better. This was not
so easy to do via the previous vendor we worked with.

Linekar Lawrence
Network and system administrator, Zerodha

Problem #2

A way to track customer calls to ensure best practices are being followed



The financial services industry is heavily regulated in India. To make sure that Zerodha is compliant and that their customers are safe in every way possible, they wanted to enable a call tracking and recording solution for each customer call. They were able to do this using Exotel.


Our sales team was primarily using their mobile phones to contact clients but we didn’t have visibility over the calls and the kind of conversations they were having. Hence, to ensure that best practices are being followed by all our agents and to stay compliant with the regulations, we started using Exotel to track and record calls
Lindo Paul
Business analyst, Zerodha

Problem #3

A way to improve agent productivity



Zerodha’s sales team uses an in-house CRM app integrated with Exotel to make sales calls. Before using Exotel, their agents had to dial out numbers manually, which was inefficient and prone to errors. They were able to solve this problem by integrating their CRM app with our click-to-call API.


When we went live with Exotel, we integrated it with our CRM and introduced a click-to-call option for our sales team. Since then, our sales team doesn’t have to dial out numbers manually anymore.
Lindo Paul
Business analyst, Zerodha


I like the fact that we were able to work with the Exotel team to build a customised solution for our needs. They built a live call monitoring dashboard based on our requirements and this is one of the most important things that we’ve accomplished together.
Hanan Delvi
Chief, Client Relations, Zerodha

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