How Rupeek Scaled Up by 4x within 5 Months Using Exotel

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How Rupeek Scaled Up by 4x within 5 Months Using Exotel


About Rupeek


Rupeek is India’s leading asset-backed, digital lending fintech platform. Driven by the mission to make credit accessible to Indians in a fair and convenient way, Rupeek is pioneering innovative financial products to help monetize India’s $2 trillion gold. Powered by state-of-the-art technology and an automated asset-light supply chain, Rupeek is transforming the way gold loans are disbursed in India.


Through partnerships with leading banks and financial institutions, it is building gold-backed assets, in a low-risk, low-touch and friction-free manner. Founded in 2015 by Sumit Maniyar, Rupeek is present in over 30 cities in India and has touched over 1,00,000 customers. Headquartered in Bangalore, Rupeek’s investors include Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, Bertelsmann and GGV Capital.


When Rupeek first started scaling up, they needed to streamline their customer communication operations more efficiently. That’s when they found Exotel. They wanted to:


  1. Scale with a reliable telephony partner
  2. Increase the productivity of their agents
  3. Manage their leads better
  4. Record & track each customer call


Here’s how Exotel helped them achieve these goals:

Problem #1

Scaling up without affecting call connectivity/quality


Solution: Using Exotel to scale Up

Rupeek was able to scale up by 400% within 5 months using Exotel. During this time, they also expanded operations from 10 to 30 cities across India. Here’s how Exotel helped:


We scaled from 2 lakh calls per day to 4 Lakh calls within 2 months without prior notice to Exotel – they handled the sudden inflow in volume without any issues. Later, they helped us scale to 8 lakh calls per day within a stringent time frame without charging us for the scale-up. This is the one-of-a-kind service quality that we at Rupeek like about Exotel.
Ishitva Minocha,
Product Manager, Rupeek

Problem #2

Increasing the productivity of agents


Solution : Using autodialer and IVR

As Rupeek started scaling up, they wanted to introduce better processes and increase the efficiency of their agents.


We wanted a way to eliminate manual number dialling for our agents and increase their productivity. We did this by implementing Exotel’s autodialer solution with an automated IVR for all outgoing calls. This along with other processes we introduced led to a considerable increase in sales efficiency.
Ishitva Minocha
Product Manager, Rupeek

Problem #3

Inefficient management of leads


Solution : Integrating Exotel with their CRM

As Rupeek started growing, they realised that they couldn’t keep tracking and managing leads manually. To remedy this, Ishitva Minocha integrated Exotel with their CRM. Here’s how –


Previously, we were tracking everything on google sheets and offline forms, which was inefficient. We changed this by implementing a CRM solution and integrating it with Exotel. Now, the whole process is automated and we have a single source of truth. The result? Better lead management and higher conversions.
Ishitva Minocha,
Product Manager, Rupeek

Problem #4

Achieving regulatory compliance


Solution : Call recording and tracking

The gold loan industry in India is heavily regulated and it’s extremely important to have a record of what’s promised to customers on calls.


To stay compliant with regulations, we implemented Exotel’s call recording and monitoring features. In addition to call recordings, we now also have access to rich call insights and reporting capabilities.
Ishitva Minocha,
Product Manager, Rupeek

Having access to these call recordings also allows them to:


  1. Monitor agents’ SLA compliance
  2. Understand their customers better by listening to calls
I would definitely recommend Exotel to other businesses. It’s a great tool and allows so much room for experimentation, which is essential for growing businesses.
Ishitva Minocha,
Product Manager, Rupeek

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