Exotel enhances Practo’s customer experience with call integrations

  • April 18, 2023
  • 2 mins read

Practo is a pioneer in the modern Indian health care system. They are revolutionizing the way people connect with doctors. Their aim is to help people find the best doctors around them for all their medical needs. They also help doctors manage their appointments with a software tailor-made for them.


Custom CRM integrations

Practo Epicenter

Right from the early days, Practo’s team had a secret weapon that gave them the edge. This secret weapon is none other than their CRM – Epicenter. Built by their in-house engineers, Epicenter is used for everything – sales, support, upselling, billing, and is the ERP for Practo.

Practo’s Need
Practo had a very clear mission – they wanted their customers to have a phenomenal experience every time they used their service. Naturally, Practo is fanatical about having a complete control over the experience their customer gets, irrespective of the medium. To do so, it was important for them to have a central console that allowed them to track and assess each aspect of customer communication.
Since calls and SMS were central to their customer experience, they needed a calling solution that integrated with their CRM and was easy to use.

Exotel introduced cloud telephony to us in 2011 and up until then, we did not know that we could play around with telephony. At least not in the way Exotel showed us we can.
Shashank N D
Co-founder & CEO, Practo

Exotel – the perfect solution
After Exotel had introduced Practo to the possibility of cloud telephony, Practo integrated Exotel with Practo Epicenter. Today, their sales, support, marketing & accounts teams use Exotel to interact with customers

Integrating Epicenter with Exotel has helped Practo have all their customer data in one place. When employees of Practo speak to a client, they have all the call records, time & date of the prior conversations with the complete context and control of the situation.

We have worked with various cloud telephony players, but Exotel has proved to be the most dependable. We like the conversations with the team, the pro-activeness to reduce our costs whenever possible without us asking for it and that when we raise a ticket, it gets resolved with reason and meaning. It’s fun working with people at Exotel, and hope to continue this for a long time.
Shashank N D
Co-founder & CEO, Practo