Startup Village Collective increases efficiency and tracks productivity with Exotel

Case Study

Startup Village Collective partners with Exotel to help students & to give them a smooth experience

Startup Village Collective, or SV.CO was started as an online first learning platform for student startups. Eventually, they transitioned into a Product School where the focus is on helping student developers mature into industry-ready developers, through a guided learning framework. Students selected into the Program work on a real product and mini project for six months picking up key industry skills.

Use case Startup Village Collective used

Helping early stage startups with their customer communication

Customer communication is a very important part of an early stage startup’s journey. It is sometimes the one that is neglected the most as well. At Exotel, we strive to make it easy for startups to communicate with their customers over voice calls and SMS and to ensure that they are on-track with whatever it is they are building.

Here are some of the things we help early-stage startups with:

1. Figuring out product-market fit:
tracking customer conversations and feedback is the best way for startups to understand if they are on the right track to achieving product-market fit. And this is the most important step to ensure that a startup in on the right track. Exotel helps companies track and record customer conversations, record feedback and make it easy for this feedback to be shared with all the stakeholders necessary.

2. Integrating communication with everything they build:
With our APIs, it is simple to integrate communication into everything a startup builds. Making sure that customers know how to reach out to a business in case of a problem is an essential part of every business. In a lot of cases, businesses that hinge on the conversation being reliable and foolproof.

Partnering with SV.CO to help early stage startups

Exotel helps startups that are part of the SV.CO Startup Program with Exotel credits, which can be used to make/receive calls, send SMS, etc.  These resources help boost the student developers who are building software products with customer interactions.

Exotel is also one of the graduation partners of SV.CO. We hire students who wish to look for a job upon completion of the program if we have an appropriate opening.

Making sure SV.CO is available at all times for queries from students

Prior to Exotel, Startup Village Collective was using their work phones to make and receive calls. This proved to be infeasible, leaving them unable to track the calls and lost amidst the communication gap.

Upon moving to Exotel, SV.CO is able to track all the calls received and made ­— helping them gain insights into their program activities.

Being available during the admission campaigns

The move proved to be especially helpful during the admission campaign as they were expected to make close to 500 calls, in addition to interacting with potential students. Imagine a small team that had to juggle work calls and personal calls during an especially stressful season.

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