Streamlining Operations for Educational Institutions using Cloud Telephony


Streamlining Operations for Educational Institutions using Cloud Telephony

Enable your admissions, sales & support teams to work remotely. Facilitate remote learning and smooth out operations using Exotel’s solutions.



How can Exotel Help Educational Institutions?


Remote-ready call centre for the admissions/sales team

Consolidate your admissions team’s outreach. Enable remote work and collaboration.

Keep parents informed

Notify parents about upcoming tests, assignments and meetings by using automated SMSes/calls.

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Set up a remote support centre:

Stay on top of customer queries with Exotel’s cloud call centre.

Make communication easy

Allow students/parents to reach you from your app within the click of a button using Exotel’s APIs.


Increase attendance ratio for remote classes

Send automated call/SMS reminders before a remote class begins.

Make payments smooth

Send automated reminders to parents/students for due/overdue fee.


Have a single, publicised contact number

Make it easy for students/parents to reach you via Exotel’s virtual number.

Leverage calls & SMSes for streamlining operations today!

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Customer success stories

How Vedantu uses Exotel to make learning personalised for their students using calls & SMS.

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How Taaqademy uses Exotel to make student communication simple and fuss-free

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E-book: Cloud Telephony for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions across the globe have been forced to adjust to drastic changes in the past few months. To keep things running smoothly and to ensure that children continue to receive a quality education remotely, many institutions are leveraging various tools and tech solutions. But, there are still many challenges left unaddressed. In this guide, we talk about how schools can leverage calls and SMSes to address their unique needs in these times.

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We take away some of the biggest pain points of traditional systems like EPABX.