Urban Ladder has a “Mobile” Call Center & Support Phone Number

Case Study

Urban Ladder uses Exotel to improve the customer experience


Urban Ladder is India’s leading e-commerce player that sells furniture and home decor. Their USP is their customer service. They take fantastic care of their clients, right from the time they place an order to when they deliver and do an impeccable job of the installation as well.

Incubated in 2012 by Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa, Urban Ladder has seen phenomenal growth since its incorporation. They are now present in over 19 cities and plans to expand to over 30 cities by the end of 2016.


Use case Urban Ladder Implemented



In any business, keeping customers happy is of paramount importance. At Urban Ladder, when a customer has a requirement, everything else takes a backseat.
When Nandini Vishwanath, Director of Customer Care, began to explore her options, she stumbled upon Exotel. They were looking for a product that was reliable, scalable and flexible and Exotel checked all the three boxes. Nandini decided to sign up for Exotel to streamline customer support and interactions.


A Single Scalable Number for Customer Care



Urban Ladder needed a single number that could be used by all its agents. This would mean connecting multiple mobile numbers to a single customer-facing number.



Using Exotel’s cloud telephony solution was the answer to Urban Ladder’s problems. They could now link multiple mobile numbers to a single, customer-facing number. Exotel intelligently distributed calls between support agents ensured that Urban Ladder’s agents left no call unattended.


The ability to use any phone number to receive calls is mind-blowing. If a mobile phone runs out of charge, we can just change the number and use another phone number linked to a different mobile phone and just start working again
Nandini Vishwanath
Director of Customer Care, Urban Ladder

Enabling Remote Working



Urban Ladder’s support agents wanted the option to work from home or even another city at times. With a traditional call center, working from anywhere outside the office is out of the question because the phone lines are inside the office. Urban Ladder would be short staffed, each time a member wasn’t able to work from their office. They needed a solution that would help them counter this.


Exotel’s cloud-based service helped Urban Ladder counter this. Since Exotel is a cloud-based call center software, it can be accessed from all remote locations that have internet connectivity. This tremendously helped boost the productivity of Urban Ladder’s employees as it enabled working from home as well as while traveling. The agents and employees no longer have to be chained to their desks, making their jobs a lot easier.

Not Missing Customer Calls



As customers are a top priority at Urban Ladder, tracking customer conversations was of paramount importance. They wanted to be able to track their missed calls so they could call customers back immediately.


Using Exotel, Urban Ladder could track their calls. If an agent missed a call while they are busy, they know exactly who they are supposed to call back.
Nandini’s team could also track calls over the weekend using Exotel.


Exotel enabled us to avoid missing any calls. We now have the data of callers, so even if we miss a call, Exotel sends us alerts and data to call the person back right away.
Nandini Vishwanath
Director of Customer Care, Urban Ladder

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