How Ditto Insurance maintains high quality levels as they scale up using Exotel

Starting Ditto


Ditto Insurance started small, with just three advisors onboard. The founders spread the word via Finshots and that’s when queries started trickling in – all one had to do was fill out a form on the site to get a free consultation call. Ditto needed a solution to streamline this process.

Each consultation call Ditto now makes is powered by Exotel. They manage these calls efficiently via Exotel’s integration with their CRM.

Every time someone signs up for a consultation call with Ditto’s advisors, their details are automatically captured in LeadSquared and the query is assigned to an agent. Thanks to Exotel’s integration with LeadSquared, all their advisors have to do is click a button to initiate the consultation calls.

Additionally, this helps protect the privacy of both the customers and the advisors. All of these calls are made via Exotel’s virtual number and neither party can see each other’s phone number.

Exotel’s integration with LeadSquared is the holy grail of all operations at Ditto. Our customer-facing agents and managers can easily find all the details in LeadSquared without switching to the Exotel dashboard.
It is so smooth that we don’t even need to go to the Exotel dashboard anymore. Everything happens within the CRM.

Since last year, Ditto has grown by leaps and bounds. Their advisors are now handling thousands of queries each month, and Ditto has 50 advisors onboard.

When we asked Pawan about their future plans, he said that they want Ditto to become the top insurance player in the industry in the coming years.

We’ve scaled our call volumes by 10x and Exotel handles it all seamlessly. We wanted a player who would be reliable even in our scale-up phase and Exotel clearly outshines others in terms of reliability & scalability.

The founders launched Ditto with a simple objective: to offer customers spam-free, high-quality, premium insurance advice. They want to maintain the same quality levels as they scale up.

A big part of maintaining quality ensues training advisors well and monitoring the consultation calls. Each call Ditto makes is recorded and stored automatically for this purpose. They can access these recordings directly from LeadSquared’s dashboard.

Scaling comes with its own challenges – maintaining quality, for starters. We want to ensure that our customers keep getting valuable advice from our staff even as we build a much bigger team. We need to check the quality of our calls and keep a tab on how well our advisors are talking to customers. Recording consultation calls helps us identify areas of improvement and also keeps us legally compliant.

Ditto is slowly disrupting the insurance industry by doing the right thing. In a market riddled with spam calls, they’re going against the tide –

Exotel is happy to be playing a small part in Ditto’s journey and wishes them the best.

We don’t spam people or make cold calls. We treat them with dignity and respect. You can buy directly from the insurance company or via Ditto. Again, no pressure! We are building something for the long term and do not push sub-optimal products for commissions.Honestly, if you want quality at scale, Exotel is the best option in the industry. We can rely on Exotel for support anytime we need it – our account manager is always there to help. This is something we really appreciate about working with Exotel – we haven’t faced any issues at all so far.