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Transportation is a very real problem in India with less than perfect public transport systems and increasing traffic on our roads. Cab aggregators like Ola and Uber are aiming to solve this very real problem by giving people an alternate method of travel that is cost-effective, safe and hassle-free. Out of all the issues that the cab aggregators are solving, safety is probably the most important. Using features like number masking (disguising the customer’s number) to ensure their privacy, companies like Ola & Uber are making it a no-brainer for people to use them for their everyday commute.

Here’s how we help these companies:

Safeguarding customer privacy – One of the biggest concerns of riders is the lack of safety while using cab aggregators. There have been multiple cases of harassment over the phone because numbers are shared freely and people who book rides have no control over this. Using Exotel is one way to ensure that customer information is not shared with drivers. Through a simple click to call integration, you can shield customer information. Number anonymization or number masking, as this is called has gained massive popularity with both Ola and Uber working with Exotel to implement this solution.
Reducing manual effort – Communication with drivers or riders is very time consuming if done manually. Using automated calls or SMS to pass on information, especially to drivers, is a great way to cut down on manual labour and keep the communication trackable.
Even processes like cancellation of rides or tickets can happen over an IVR without having to involve agents.
Customer call handling – You can set up Exotel to handle customer calls (enquiries and complaints) without having to worry about hardware, infrastructure cost or maintenance. The entire set up process takes less than 30 mins.
Driver updates and engagement
– Informing drivers about the new features and offers is crucial for cab aggregators. An effective way is utilizing automated IVR calls. There are two main advantages- it helps in better reach and the IVR inputs can be used later to reach the drivers in case of any problems.

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