Haptik Sees 40% Customer Retention with Exotel

Case Study

Haptik Sees 40% Customer Retention with Exotel

Founded in 2013 by Aakrit Vaish and Swapan Rajdev, Haptik is one of the world’s largest conversational AI platforms that is currently backed by Times Internet.

It has more than 100 chatbots across BFSI, utility, e-commerce, telecom, etc. with Goibibo, Uber, HDFC Life, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Amazon for partners and customers.

Reminders, their most popular offering, is extensively used by their customers. It can be customised with ease, and allows users to create alerts and wake up calls with varied timing and frequency.

As of December 2017, more than 3.2 million calls are made on a monthly basis ­ — all powered by Exotel.

Use-Case Implemented by Haptik

What is Haptik’s arrangement to make sure that reminder calls/SMS are triggered at the right time?

The number mentioned is a large call volume when it is broken down to the calls that has to be made every day. It is neither practical nor possible to manually trigger these calls, because it is bound by time.

Haptik uses Exotel to programatically trigger reminder calls to the users. In case a reminder call fails because of a possible telephony service outage in the user’s area or because of any other reason, an SMS triggered by Exotel is sent to remind them of their tasks.

Haptik not only offers reminder services through calls and SMS, but they also have in-app reminder notifications. While 60% of their reminders are powered on calls/SMS, the rest 40% are carried on notifications, where the user gets reminded of tasks by in-app notifications.

Apart from these daily reminders, Haptik also offers exclusive reminder services for special occasions. For instance, Haptik called up its users on Mother’s Day and reminded them to wish their mother on this special day. Another instance, a local favourite, is when they reminded users about their favorite cricket team playing in an IPL match.

Customer retention is a predicament for many a businesses. How has Exotel helped Haptik with customer retention?

40% of Haptik’s customer retention is a result of the extensive use of their Reminders feature, which is powered by Exotel.

Exotel helps us in the entire packaging of the reminders channel thereby leaving the user delighted, satisfied and retained with Haptik.
Apurv Jain
Product Manager, Haptik

Everyone talks about the importance of a business being receptive to customer feedback. How does Haptik react to customer feedback?

With customer experience and feedback of paramount importance to Haptik, the app also allows users to provide feedback and rate their experience. If a user is unsatisfied with the service, a customer support executive automatically reaches out to the user to understand their needs. Alternatively, users can also reach out Haptik on their social media channels or Playstore/ Appstore for support.
How has working with Exotel been so far?

Our experience with Exotel has been very positive. They have an extremely responsive customer support staff that has always been there to assist us.
Apurv Jain
Product Manager, Haptik

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